🎃 Halloween 2020 🎃

PAX: Cruiser, PhotoFinish, Dick Clark, ScarU, DosEquis, Churchill, RedCoat, Trailblazer, Milky Way, Black Hole, WallE

Co Q’s: Mountie & Brisket

28 degree scary cold Halloween morning with plenty of ice on the ground. VQ of Mountie+Brisket with a boat canoe load of treats for the PAX.


Pumpkin Pickers (Tippy Taps, except we’re picking up imaginary pumpkins)

Zombie Walk in circle counter clock wise (For daylight savings time.)

Zombie Walk Clockwise


Completed several random warmup exercises that somehow transformed into the Thriller dance.

  • Hang arms and neck
  • Arms up
  • Walk forward head twitch
  • Walk backwards head twitch
  • Side arm circles
  • Low squat overhead clap
  • Squat walk
  • T-Rex Walk

Trunk or treat

Run a lap around parking lot and stop at each car for a different treat (exercise)

Car 1: Gut Busters

– Everyone starts in and holds a plank during the Ghostbusters song. Every time they say “Ghost Busters” you complete a burpee. In the “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts” sections do plank jacks in rhythm. Bustin’ makes everyone feel good!!!!

Total of:
– 13 Burpees
– 8 Plank jacks

Car 2: Monster Motivators x10

Car 3: Skeleton Bones

– PAX line up in a plank position and complete a merkin while passing a 25 pound dumbbell 

– Flip over and complete American Hammers while passing back the 25 pound dumbbell

Car 4: Candy Bucket

– Randomly selected PAX picks a piece of candy out of the candy bucket and completes the related exercise.

Skittles – Box Cutters

Starburst – Bobby Hurleys

Kit-Kat – Flutter

100 Grand – Forward Lunges

Snickers – No Surrenders

Car 5: Clowney

– 4 Bonnie Blairs & 4 Merkins x 7 sets

The Frankenstein

Pairing 2 exercises that are combined into one workout for 31 reps. Take a break in between by running up and down Green Helmet.

  • Side Straddle Hopkins + Mountie Climbers
  • Carolina Dry Docks + Plank Jacks
  • LBCs + Freddie Mercury
  • Squats + Monkey Hummers
  • Dips + Irkins
  • Step ups + RBCs = WTF?
  • Imperial Walkers + Hillbilly Rockettes
  • Boat + Canoes (+ Kayak)


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