30 and Going Strong

A workout on 2/16/22, written by Dick Clark

“30 and going strong” (30 year anniversary for Dick Clark and his wife on their first date)

PAX: Aviator, WallE, Photo Finish, Dos Equis, Brisket, ScarU, and Dick Clark, Q.

Warm-up: run in place, SSH, Dick Clark stretches, arm circles, imperial walkers.

Thang 1:
30 reps of each exercise, done in cadence: because in the first part of a long relationship, you do everything together, in lockstep.Gas pumps
Imperial squats
American Hammer

Thang 2:
30 reps of each exercise, OYO by pairs, then wait for everyone to finish: because after a few years in a relationship, there’s lots more parallel play (doing your own thing, just nearby the other person – at least with mutual moral support…)
Rosalita, and Imperial squats
Navy SEALs, and reverse crunch
Squats, and Carolina drydocks
Bonnie Blair, and hand release Merkin

Mary: 30 of each:
Freddie Mercury
Plank Jack

COT: talked about  Importance of being flexible in a long-term relationship, including with the other brothers at F3. 

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