The Bishop’s Gambit

written by The Bishop on the occasion of his VQ, 2/19/22

Condition: 24°F Clear

Q: The Bishop
21 Pax: Plumb Bob, Whistle Blower, Citron,  Side-Out, Rodin, Morpheus, ScarU, Swish, Photo Finish, Brisket, Risky Business, Tanker, T-Dubs, Dos Equis, Knight2F3, Cruiser, Dick Clark, WallE, RedCoat, Babe Ruth, Cumulus, Whistleblower
FNG: 1 (Baywatch)

10 Stations, Team of 5 to complete 10 stations, Rules to advance to next station:

  • At least ONE member completes the exercise
  • If a group has occupied your station
  • Q tells your group to advance
  • S1 Ratchet Squats x 200 (or 100)
  • S2 Shoulder Tap Pike Push Ups x 80 ( or 40)
  • S3 Standing Ab Twist x 300 (or 150)
  • S4 Push Up Toe Taps x 100 (or 50)
  • S5 Superman Swim x 200 (or 100)
  • S6 Reverse Lunges x 200 (or 100)
  • S7 Burpees x 60 (or 30)
  • S8 Power Ups x 100 (or 50)
  • S9 Dips (on bench) x200 (or 100)
  • S10 Run to hill and back

Cool Down: Boat-Canoe


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