A promise of “No Burpees”

A winter drizzle did not keep the PAX away from the Princeton AO.  WallE led the PAX through a celebration of 2021 (fingers crossed).
20-21 = 20 reps of 21 different exercises (The promise of “No Burpees” was not believed by anyone!)

Warm up:
1) Tippy Taps / Windmills
2) Circle Arms / Arm Circles
3) SSH

Each round consisted of 3 exercises – performed as 2 sets of 10 reps each.  Between rounds we ran a loop of the parking lot.
4-6) Merkin, American Hammer, Forward Lunge
7-9) Shoulder-tap Merkin, Dying Roach, Bonnie Blair
10-12) Walk-up Merkin, Freddie Mercury, Backward Lunge
13-15) Hand Release Merkin, Big Boy Situps, Bobby Hurley
16-18) Diamond Merkin, V-ups, Squats
PAX choice – Carolina Dry Dock, Plank, Heisman Squat

19-21) Hello Dolly, LBC, Rosalita

Since we had ample time left we
– mosey’ed to the colosseum for 10, each, REAL SLOW (6 count down and 6 count up) Squats and Merkins. (Introduced to YHC by Vitamin-D @ F3 Grandstrand)
– Route 66 with Imperial Walkers (Mountie’s example had us all doing the second half with squats)

Shared support for PAX fighting depression.  As social distancing continues through the winter into its second year this is a real concern for each and everyone of us.  We re-iterated that each one of us was only a phone call away from a brother for a run, walk or just a chat.  Don’t wait to be asked – Don’t assume the brother next to you is fine – Be there for each other.

YHC suggested a word for 2021 for the Princeton AO = “GIVE”
– where we GIVE back to the community around us.
– where we look for ways to GIVE-it-away, suggestions were:
– Aim to bring in an FNG (suggestion 1 every quarter)
– Expand Princeton to other AO locations – A Q could assemble us at a new site, each a potential new AO.
– Make the Stadium (SOT) and Friday Ruck regular AOs – announced on the Nations’s website and possibly with rotating Q.- New locations for 2nd F !

Keep showing up,

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