Who Invited This Guy to Q????

After a 3 mile Pre Run including Ragnar Trail New Jersey 2021 team members Lowes, Risky Business, and Black Hole, 10 PAX converged at The Rising for a guest Q Lowes (F3 Indian Valley/F3 Valley Forge)-led Beatdown! Where: The Rising Who: Lowes (Q), WallE, Black Hole, Churchill, Red Coat, Risky Business, Dos Equis, Cruiser, Scar,Continue reading “Who Invited This Guy to Q????”

Full Circle’s “educational” beatdown on the Solstice

12 #HIM posted for a special guest Q by Full Circle of F3 Long Island. Where: The Rising Who: Full Circle (Q), Dos Equis, Mountie, Brisket, Red Coat, Red Stripe, Risky Business, Cruiser, Black Hole, WallE, Jiminy (FNG) and Yogi (FNG). Disclaimer Warmups: motivators, tippy taps, arm circles THANG: Billy Madison “school” Routine (K-12) wContinue reading “Full Circle’s “educational” beatdown on the Solstice”