The Best Don’t Rest

Written by Tanker, on the occasion of his VQ Condition: 25 deg F, Mostly Sunny, GMI = 35 28 PAX: Dick Clark, Side Out, WallE, Black Hole, ScarU, Brisket, Mountie, Whistleblower, Cypher, Rodin, Mulligan, Photo Finish, Bogey, Shredder, Odyssey, Plumb Bob, Lafayette, Knight2F3, Swish, Morpheus, Zonda, Automatic, Munchies, Dos Equis, Babe Ruth, RedCoat, Ishmael (FNG),Continue reading “The Best Don’t Rest”


written by Side Out, Q Bonxercise (Exercise around bonfire)AO:WWCP Rising (Pavilion)Pax: 7 #HIM  Dos Equis, Dick Clark, WallE, Aviator, Brisket, Mulligan, Q: Side Out Condition:60°F; wet surface/cloudy Disclaimer:I am not a professional BonxerciserThis is a free peer lead workout.I don’t have any knowledge of any individual injury.All the exercises I am about to say are suggestions.Continue reading “Bonxercise”

Presidents Day Q

written by Babe Ruth on the occasion of his VQ, 2/21/22 Conditions: 23 degrees 15 PAX: Dick Clark, Brisket, Dos Equis, Risky Business, Thunder, WallE, Soul, Aviator, Wingman, Morpheus, Mountie, ScarU, SideOut, Mulligan, and Babe Ruth, VQ, Disclaimer: Modify as necessary. Not a professional. Suggestions only. Don’t sue anyone. Warm-ups:Arm circle/circle arms,  Side Straddle HopsMosey toContinue reading “Presidents Day Q”

The Bishop’s Gambit

written by The Bishop on the occasion of his VQ, 2/19/22 Condition: 24°F Clear Q: The Bishop21 Pax: Plumb Bob, Whistle Blower, Citron,  Side-Out, Rodin, Morpheus, ScarU, Swish, Photo Finish, Brisket, Risky Business, Tanker, T-Dubs, Dos Equis, Knight2F3, Cruiser, Dick Clark, WallE, RedCoat, Babe Ruth, Cumulus, Whistleblower FNG: 1 (Baywatch) 10 Stations, Team of 5Continue reading “The Bishop’s Gambit”

30 and Going Strong

A workout on 2/16/22, written by Dick Clark “30 and going strong” (30 year anniversary for Dick Clark and his wife on their first date) PAX: Aviator, WallE, Photo Finish, Dos Equis, Brisket, ScarU, and Dick Clark, Q. Warm-up: run in place, SSH, Dick Clark stretches, arm circles, imperial walkers. Thang 1:30 reps of eachContinue reading “30 and Going Strong”

St. Valentine’s Day Q

A work out on 2/14/22, written by Thunder, Q. Location: Community Park, West Windsor Conditions: Clear skies, 15 degrees 7 PAX: Dick Clark, Brisket, Morpheus, Babe Ruth, Aviator, Photo Finish, Thunder (Q)Disclaimer: Modify as necessary. Not a professional. Suggestions only. Don’t sue anyone. Aye Today’s Session – Valentine’s Day… the coupon that keeps on giving!Continue reading “St. Valentine’s Day Q”

Super Bowl Q

The Saturday, 2/12/22 Workout, written by Cruiser, Q. AO: The Rising, Clear skies, 54 degrees, 33 PAX, with 2 FNG: Risky Business, Dos Equis, Turbo, Heavy Metal, Thunder, T-Dubs, Rodin, Cipher, Citron, Knight2F3, FNG: Zonda, FNG: Automatic, ScarU, Casbah, The Bishop, Tanker, Towpath, WallE, Brisket, Black Hole, Side Out, Photo Finish, Cruiser, Dick Clark, Whistleblower,Continue reading “Super Bowl Q”

Arms Up!

written by Mulligan, Q AO – The Rising(WWCP) PAX –  Aviator, Brisket, Dos Equis, Photo Finish, Risky Business, Thunder, WallE, and Mulligan, Q. Arms circlesCircle armsSide straddle hopkinsAlbatross wingsOverhead clapsMichael Phelps Mosey Arms Up to Baseball field. Blades of steel – no elbow bend push upsAlabama ass kickers BLIMPS X 25 Burpees10 Broadway lunges eachContinue reading “Arms Up!”

Diamonds Are Forever

written by Aviator, Q Date: 02/07/2022 AO: The Rising (West Windsor Community Park) 9 PAX: Brisket, Risky Business, Morpheus, Thunder, Side Out, Dick Clark, Mulligan, ScarU and Aviator, Q Conditions: Cold 24 degrees / Very light freezing Rain Warm Up: Arm Circles, Circle Arms, DC Stretches, Neck Stretches, Leg Hold Thang: 7 of Diamonds (perform eachContinue reading “Diamonds Are Forever”