Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Workout-a-thon

Written by Milky Way Milky Way and his buddy Aydin have been working hard to fundraise for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We are proud of their efforts. Please give consideration to helping them out. https://events.lls.org/snj/southjerseysoy22/tchowb AO: The Rising PAX:  Babe Ruth, WallE, Aviator, Risky Business, Wingman, Thunder, Towpath, Mountie, Ishmael, Mulligan, Automatic, Hacksaw, Mulligan,Continue reading “Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Workout-a-thon”

Black History Month Tribute Partner WO

Theme:  Black History Month PAX- Dick Clark, Babe Ruth, Mulligan, Risky Business, Brisket, Aviator, Thunder, ScarU, Dos Equis Warm up- Side straddle hopkins, Tippy taps, IWs, Calf stretch, Press up, Child pose  Partner WO- walking or jogging around lot – while partner does exercises  Questions-  How can you be an ally to support blacks inContinue reading “Black History Month Tribute Partner WO”

Regional Group Focuses on Men’s Physical and Mental Health

This was a front page story in the West Windsor and Plainsboro News, February 2022 https://www.communitynews.org/towns/west-windsor-plainsboro-news/regional-group-focuses-on-men-s-physical-and-mental-health/article_f01fe8fe-836e-11ec-b8f8-171e3ce9eceb.html In 2011, a movement began in Charlotte, North Carolina, where men could meet up and gather for free scheduled outdoor workouts. In the process, fellowships and friendships were formed as the men were able to not only improve theirContinue reading “Regional Group Focuses on Men’s Physical and Mental Health”

We Don’t Die, We Multiply!

10/19/2021 PAX: Dos, WallE, Soul, DickClark, Aviator, Mountie, Vintage (FNG! Welcome), Scar, Brisket (Q) Warmup Stretch acrossStretch overMichael PhelpsLeg holdPlank to each legTippy Taps to Back hurts ZigZag Mosey to top deck corner Thang – We don’t die, we multiply! 1×1=12×2=43×3=94×4=165×5=25 5 rounds of each of the following where the reps equal the the answerContinue reading “We Don’t Die, We Multiply!”

Mental Battle

BackBlast for Saturday, March 27, 2021 11 PAX (RedCoat, DosEquis, Cruiser, Mulligan, Ribs, Brisket, Aviator, DickClark, Smokey, RedCard, WallE) 4 Zoom (Shamwow, Milky Way, BlackHole and FNG – last 3 from the soft launch of F3 Rosedale @ Pennington) WarmUp:Tippy Taps, Mountain Climbers, WindMills. Thang 1:Pearls on a String.  Ran around the AO with stops (IC,Continue reading “Mental Battle”

9/14 BBQ Stand Up

Q: Brisket PAX: Mountie, Black Hole, DosEquis, Dick Clark, VanDamm, Photo Finish Temp: 67 degrees an clear skies In celebration of YHC’s 1 year Manniversary, the PAX were subjected to several pyramids of pain in-between some terrible BBQ and Grilling related jokes. Including an Iron Pax special. Warmed up and moseyed over to the middleContinue reading “9/14 BBQ Stand Up”