Arise: April 28th, 2024

News and Notes from the F3 Princeton AOs, and the F3 Nation Shout Outs! Shout Out to Baywatch on his graduation from Jacksonville University! 🎓 Shout Out to Mulligan & Dick Clark for completing the Gettysburg Marathon! 🏃🏽 Shout Out to Swish for setting a new 5k PR at the “Yes You Can” run inContinue reading “Arise: April 28th, 2024”

Route 66 “Swamp Classic”

AO: ao-the-swamp Q: Ryan K. (Scrubbing Bubbles) PAX: Uday Jain (WallE), Patrick Chow (Black Hole), JM ROONEY (GROVER), Newman FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: – 8 motivators – DC stretches THE THANG: – 3 Rounds of Route 66 (run, 1 rep, run, 2 reps, up to 11) – Rd1: Squats – Rd2: Merkins – Rd3:Continue reading “Route 66 “Swamp Classic””

Stadium (and run) on Thursday!

AO: sot-stadium-on-thursday Q: Dick Clark PAX: Alex (Spine) Englert, Deep Thapliyal (Mulligan), Erik Cabral (Styx), Hitchcock (Randy Sherman), Skynet FNGs: None COUNT: 6 WARMUP: basically stretch OYO. THE THANG: three for the stadium stairs, and three for a good run, more hills than normal, and a pretty stiff pace! MARY: (no Mary needed, with thatContinue reading “Stadium (and run) on Thursday!”

Laps Around the Square

AO: ao-the-big-house Q: Noodle PAX: Alex (Spine) Englert, Curtis Hoberman (Dos Equis), beater, Dick Clark, Uday Jain (WallE), Nutria FNGs: None COUNT: 7 Disclaimer F3 Mission and Principles WARMUP: SSH IC x 20 Weed Pickers IC x 15 Arm Pretzels IC x 15 Imperial Walkers IC x 15 IC THE THANG: Mosey around Palmer SquareContinue reading “Laps Around the Square”

Earth day 🌎 at TheSwamp 04222024

AO: ao-the-swamp Q: Patrick Chow (Black Hole) PAX: David Sherry (Bucky), Curtis Hoberman (Dos Equis), Dustin Crosby (Kolisi), Uday Jain (WallE), Ryan K. (Scrubbing Bubbles), Switchblade FNGs: None COUNT: 7 Conditions: 32 deg :cold_face: WARMUP: none THE THANG: 2 rounds of each exercise at 27 reps each for 54 total = years since Earth dayContinue reading “Earth day 🌎 at TheSwamp 04222024”

Arise: April 21st, 2024

News and Notes from the F3 Princeton AOs, and the F3 Nation Primary Announcements Hitchcock Movie Time! – April 25th Interested on seeing a Hitchcock movie on the big screen?April 25th. From 1954 Starring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly.Including Raymond Burr and Thelma Ritter.Of course don’t miss surprise appearance by Alvin and Chipmunk’s own DaveContinue reading “Arise: April 21st, 2024”

Active mobility

AO: backblasts Q: RedCoat PAX: Hitchcock (Randy Sherman), Subramanian Triprayar (F1), Elliot Gordon, Attila (Jeremy Stitts), Matt Hopkins (Brisket), Wayne Frost (Takedown), Tom Yanagi (Whistleblower), W. Jason Griffith F3 Risky Business, Charriot, his son (forgot F3 name), Hat Trick, Canuck, BedPan FNGs: 3 Hat Trick, Canuck, BedPan COUNT: 14 WARMUP: run in place, high knees,Continue reading “Active mobility”

Nassau Hall “50k”s with coupons

AO: backblasts Q: Skynet PAX: Alex (Spine) Englert, beater, Curtis Hoberman (Dos Equis), Dick Clark, Manish Bhansali (F3 – Aviator), Marc Rubenstein (ScarU), Srikanth Bondada (BabeRuth), Vijay Aluwalia (Four Seasons), Uday Jain (WallE) FNGs: None COUNT: 10 WARMUP: Side straddle hops Arm circles Circle arms Imperial walkers THE THANG: Sets of 50 reps interspersed withContinue reading “Nassau Hall “50k”s with coupons”

[ao-the-oak] Just the two of Pax…

AO: ao-the-oak Q: Achilles Estavillo (SideOut/JabJab/Scorpion King) PAX: Sunny The Machine Sehgal FNGs: None COUNT: 2 AMRAP combo brick workout with mosey… WARMUP: Mosey – around entire center Abe Vigoda x15 c SSH x15 c Stretches x10c ea THE THANG: AMRAP of 2min per workout with brick :bricks: on each arm everytime. After doing 2Continue reading “[ao-the-oak] Just the two of Pax…”

[run-with-risky] Four for a cool run

AO: run-with-risky Q: Achilles Estavillo (SideOut/JabJab/Scorpion King) PAX: Marc Rubenstein (ScarU), Harjot Pannu (Cruiser), Steve O (Mercury) FNGs: None COUNT: 4 4 Pax Held the cRANbury running fort on a clear cool morning… WARMUP: THE THANG: MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Saturday, 4/20 – Some Pax running in PA Saturday, 4/27 – Frontier 2nd anniversary. Any Pax going?Continue reading “[run-with-risky] Four for a cool run”