(V)Q Tips

Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/f3nation/bing-talks-q101 – see above for link to Ref (Google) Doc for a lot more details than what follows. Plan – Plan 2 workouts (depending on AO condition, weather and PAX fitness) – Make both workout plans run longer than allotted time (so you have options) – Go with your strengths, but include variety (example: longer runs, if you areContinue reading “(V)Q Tips”

Your word of the year – 2021

Before covid, lockdowns, masks and many other new words entered our daily vocabulary, Dos challenged each of us to declare a personal “word of the year” to help us frame our intentions. This was a casual exercise done in our COTs but it is suddenly Dec. 31st again and an new year means another opportunityContinue reading “Your word of the year – 2021”