Date: 11/5/2022 AO: The Retreat (Rosedale Park, Pennington) Conditions: 55 degrees, some clouds 8 PAX: Dick Clark, Black Hole (Q), Dos Equis, Cruiser, Towpath, Tomahawk (FNG), WallE, and ShakenNotStirred. Disclaimer: Not a professional. Don’t know your injuries. Modify as necessary. Suggestions only. Don’t sue anyone. Aye! Today’s special Saturday beatdown at the Retreat is inspiredContinue reading “Autism”

8-13 Birthdays & Leftys

Date: 8/13/2022 AO: The Rising (Community Park, West Windsor) Conditions: clear skies, 65 degrees, no humidity! 15 PAX: Citron, Bollywood, Cruiser, Milky Way, Marseille (FNG), Morpheus, Hitchcock, Terminator (FNG), ScarU, Grassy Knoll, Thunder, Southpaw (FNG), WallE, Heavy Metal, and Black Hole (Q). Disclaimer: Not a professional. Don’t know your injuries. Modify as necessary. Suggestions only.Continue reading “8-13 Birthdays & Leftys”

The 3rd Anniversary of F3 Princeton

Date: 14 May 2022 AO: The Rising, West Windsor Community Park 48 PAX: Churchill, Riposte (FNG), Plumb Bob, Whistleblower, Fishbowl, Best Boy (FNG), Lafayette, Cipher, Heavy Metal, Ishmael, Shredder, Swish, Dreamcatcher, Citron, Smokey, Spike, ScarU, Pate, Photo Finish, Automatic, Zonda, Red Stripe, Tyson, Tanker, Cruiser, Thunder, WallE, Graf, Black Hole, Milky Way, Dos Equis, DickContinue reading “The 3rd Anniversary of F3 Princeton”

Total Body Beatdown

19 Pax:  Dick Clark, Dos Equis, Munchies, Aviator, Wingman, Thunder, Photo Finish, Slash, YoYo, Slapshot, Trail Blazer, Heavy Metal, Pharmer, Babe Ruth, Ishmael, Risky Business, Q, Tokyo Drift (FNG), Munchkin (FNG), and Crash (Downrange from F3 Winston-Salem, NC). Disclaimer Warm-up:Arm Circle / Circle ArmsDick Clark Stretches The thang:Route 66 – Bobby Hurley’sBurpees x 10 ICContinue reading “Total Body Beatdown”

Hard as Woodpecker Lips

AO: The Rising6 PAX: Dos equis, WallE, Brisket, Nutria, Photo Finish, and Dick Clark, Q. Conditions: 40°, raining medium hard, with wind to blow it around. We needed to harden ourselves. Warm-up: run in place, SSH, Windmill, DC stretches, Imperial Walkers, Circle Arms Thang 1:We gathered in the pavilion, and did Merkins using a counting routineContinue reading “Hard as Woodpecker Lips”

The AI Don’t Lie V2

A Workout by i3: The Random Beatdown Generator of F3 UK Southeast AO: The Rising (WWCP) 5 PAX: Morpheus, Dick Clark, ScarU, Aviator, and Brisket, Q Conditions: 32 degrees, no wind. Perfect weather for Monday Beatdown:With the recent reveal of the F3 beatdown generator courtesy of F3 UK Southeast, The Q decided it was aContinue reading “The AI Don’t Lie V2”

WWF: Wingman’s Wheel of Fitness

Thank you, Wingman (age 8) for your creativity in planning and for your leadership of today’s workout (Saturday, 4/2/22). Backblast written by Aviator. AO: The Rising (West Windsor Community Park) 20 PAX: WallE, Pharmer, Towpath, Automatic, ScarU, Casbah, Dos Equis, Ishmael, Slapshot, Whistleblower, Cruiser, Black Hole, RedCoat, Risky Business, Aviator, Lafayette, Citron, Dick Clark, Slash (FNG,Continue reading “WWF: Wingman’s Wheel of Fitness”

WOW that was boring, but not easy…

AO: The Rising (WWCP) 8 PAX: Brisket, Dick Clark, Dos Equis, Babe Ruth, Risky Business, WallE, ScarU, and Mountie Q. Conditions: Crisp March day, no rain, no pain Beatdown:Weights on Wednesday Aka WOW WARMUP: motivators, shoulders and stretching to get us going. THANG: only 3 simple exercises with the kettlebell. EMOM starting with 2, 4, 6Continue reading “WOW that was boring, but not easy…”

An Aviator Workout

Written by Aviator for the workout Monday, 3/28/22 AO: The Rising (West Windsor Community Park) 8 PAX: Brisket, Risky Business, Morpheus, Thunder, Dick Clark, ScarU, Dos Equis, and Aviator, Q, Conditions: Way too cold & Windy, 22 degrees. GMI = 18 Warm Up: Arm Circles, Circle Arms, Arm over & across stretches, Dick Clark Stretches Thang: TabataContinue reading “An Aviator Workout”

NCAA Bracket Buster 2022

This was the Third Annual F3 Princeton March Madness workout. Great thanks to Mountie and ScarU for organizing this grand event. AO: The Rising (WWCP) 29 PAX:  Knight2F3, Lafayette, Ribs, Trooper, Brisket, WallE, Black Hole, Graf, RedCoat, Dos Equis, Dick Clark, Aviator, Wingman, Slugger, Babe Ruth, High Note, Towpath, Automatic, Heavy Metal, Thunder, Munchies, Ishmael,Continue reading “NCAA Bracket Buster 2022”