Tax Day it’s time to Pay!

AO: backblasts
Q: Marc Rubenstein (ScarU)
PAX: Matt Hopkins (Brisket), Achilles Estavillo (SideOut/JabJab/Scorpion K, Morpheus, Vijay Aluwalia (Four Seasons), Sunny The Machine Sehgal, Grasshoipper
FNGs: 1 Grasshoipper
WARMUP: Neck stretch, shoulder stretch, tippy taps, touch the ground, open the squat, motivators
THE THANG: 4 exercises, 15 reps followed by paying the taxes of running and 24 + burpees 4/15/24- total of 6 rounds completed

15 hand release Merkins
15 SSH
15 Squats
x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/329 Hams
Pay your taxes. Burpees 10

15 dips
15 mountie climbers
15 lunges
15 x factor
Pay your taxes. Burpees 10

15 shoulder taps
15 bobby hurleys
15 single leg squats
15, gas pumps
Pay your taxes . Burpees 10

15 decline merkins
15 high knees
15 step ups
15 freddiesws
Pay your taxes. Burpees 10

MARY: LBCs, rope pulls, walnut crackers, BBS + jab, boat canoes
ANNOUNCEMENTS: run sat, frontier 4/27
COT: Gratitude for all the folks who came and contributed to 5 year

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