Your word of the year – 2021

Before covid, lockdowns, masks and many other new words entered our daily vocabulary, Dos challenged each of us to declare a personal “word of the year” to help us frame our intentions. This was a casual exercise done in our COTs but it is suddenly Dec. 31st again and an new year means another opportunityContinue reading “Your word of the year – 2021”

Everyone loves my Schweddy Palms

Occasionally, F3 Princeton will have a fellow F3 vagabonder join us at The Rising. This round, Sweaty Palms (F3Nolensville TN) raised the bar of our guests and attended multiple Qs, shared some home cooking workouts and even brought his 2.0 (Sandman) to the 10 year F3 anniversary. It was a great reminder of the secondContinue reading “Everyone loves my Schweddy Palms”

Leave snowman behind

29 degrees,  11 pax: Black Hole, Scar, Dick Clark, Mulligan, Brisket, Mountie, RedCoat. Trailblazer, Photo Finish, Sweaty Palms (DR from F3 Nolensville TN) and Dos Equis, Q. I’ve got nothing against snowmen. Honest.  I just like the wordplay with this title compared to the Credo of F3Nation.  Thank you, Mountie, for this. The Warm-Up ArmContinue reading “Leave snowman behind”

March on Trenton with Colonial Army

Date: 12.19.2020 PAX (16): Red Coat (Q), The Ux, Scar, Scar2K, Dos Equis, Cruiser, Photo Finish, Trail Blazer, Milky Way, Dick Clark, Brisket, Mountie, Black Hole + WallE, Gobbler and Posse in the Zoom. AO: The Rising Conditions: 10 degrees F, ice, snow, all the good stuff. On a very cold Christmas Day of DecContinue reading “March on Trenton with Colonial Army”

Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman Workout

Date: 12.16.2020 PAX: Black Hole (Q), Scar, Photo Finish, Dos Equis, Brisket, Red Card, Dick Clark, and Mountie AO: The Rising Conditions: 24 degrees F (17 degree windchill!) Pre-Gail winter storm Today’s workout is the one YHC did OYO when zoomers couldn’t connect on Mon, Dec 7. My favorite AO to join zoom WOs fromContinue reading “Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman Workout”

12 Ladders of Christmas

Decent 40F weather for December with cloudy skies before a rainy day. Seeing as we were a little closer than 12 days before Christmas, it was way past time to get a 12 days of Christmas themed workout in. PAX: DickClark, PhotoFinish, WallE, Mountie, Dos, Brisket (Q) WarmupStep forward stretchArm across stretchArm over stretchLeg holdTippyContinue reading “12 Ladders of Christmas”