Who: 18 PAX- RedCoat, DosEquis, MilkyWay, Mountie, Trooper, Hacksaw, Cruiser, Scar2k, Scar, Mulligan, Ribs, Brisket, Lafayette, Aviator, Pharmer, DickClark, BlackHole, WallE (Q)  What: Stealing an idea from a Jules Q at Wilmington’s mindfulness + beatdown, Thursday, zoom workout, I decided to add a dimension of meaning to our exercises.  I tried to capture some of theContinue reading “COT with WALL-E”

Red-Headed Unicorn Workout

Who: 8 Pax (Wall-E, Mountie (Q), Red Card, Brisket, Photo Finish (WELCOME BACK!), Mulligan, Dick Clark and Dos EquisWhere: The RisingWhat: 8 Pax joined for a unicorn workout that you had to attend to understand. Muscle confusion is one thing, but new exercises were accompanied by a new friend to battle the gloom. It’s alsoContinue reading “Red-Headed Unicorn Workout”

Field Trip to Hopewell Valley

Date: 2/13/2021 AO: Unnamed (Rosedale Park, Pennington) Conditions: overcast, 25 degrees, felt like 15 13 PAX: Scar, Scar2k, Lafayette, Aviator, Milky Way, Black Hole (Q), WallE, Brisket, Dos Equis, Mountie, Lowes (Indian Valley), Red Coat, and Cruiser Disclaimer. Modify as necessary. PAX of F3 Princeton explored a new potential AO at Rosedale Park. PAX arrivedContinue reading “Field Trip to Hopewell Valley”