Q Source Intro WO

Date: 11/22/21 Q: ScarU Pax in Attendance: Brisket, Risky Business, Morpheus, Wingman, Aviator, Dick Clark What is it?   Q-Source is the integrated expression of F3’s leadership philosophy. It is our leadership manual.  It is designed to be used by F3 members to improve their leadership skills for the benefit of their families, workplaces and neighborhoods. Continue reading “Q Source Intro WO”

Clear Skies – BOOM – Thunder!

November 13, 2021 Conditions: clear skies, 40 degrees: Location: Community Park, West Windsor 27 PAX: Aviator, Wing-man, Scar U, Knight2F3, WallE, Soul, Thunder (Q), Heavy Metal, Dos Equis, RedCoat, Dick Clark, Brisket, Morpheus, Whistle Blower, Photo Finish, Vintage, Walrus, Cruiser, Black Hole, Cumulus, Lafayette, Bollywood, Graf, Kasbah, FNG x 3 – Babe Ruth, Shuttlecock, SluggerContinue reading “Clear Skies – BOOM – Thunder!”

Hill-Ten (3 Bonus Nights Edition)

PAX: Risky Business (Q), Mountie, Brisket, Scar U, Thunder, Morpheus, Whistle Blower, Photo Finish, Aviator, Dick Clark Risky Business took the PAX on his personal favorite workout. Since Risky Business is a loyal Hill-Ten member, he treated the PAX to 3 Bonus Nights, for a Hill-13. Warm Up: Arm circlesCircle ArmsTippy TapAgitators / MotivatorsMosey toContinue reading “Hill-Ten (3 Bonus Nights Edition)”