#AAR 01/04/2020

Who (9): Steam (Q), WallE, Mountie, Brisket, Red Strip, Smokey, Cruiser, Blackhole and Red Coat
Scar and 4 Seasons (on the mend, heal quickly my friends)

What: # AAR 01/04/2020 (part 1): (9) #HIM, 46 deg. Warm-up: side straddle hops, arm circles, squats, skaters, and toe touches. It was very dark and foggy this morning, it looked like we were running into the abyss. We moseyed over and got the coupons

Once we got the coupons, we did team sets of 20, 15, 10, 5. Five items, first was push presses. Second was Merkins. Third was kettle bell swings. Fourth was American Hammer, and fifth was curl.

One team member ran to the path near the tennis courts while the other did the exercises. Team members alternated until all sets were completed. After we finished all sets we moseyed over to the tennis courts

(We did back and forth heart chargers, where you ran backwards and then forwards, backwards, forwards, backwards, forwards. Next we did the Three Amigos across the court and bear crawled back. We then moseyed to the pit…


We did dips, side straddle hops, we did boat/canoes at the request of Mountie. Once we finished that we lunged over to the hill. Once on the hill, we did Big Ben Merkins starting at 1:00 a.m. and ending at high noon. We then did a Route 66 Flat Tire & we went each one, we did the wheelbarrow and then we did the squats. In the COT Mountie mentioned he is starting a Princeton F3 website and is researching other F3 sites for ideas. Scar and 4 Seasons are currently healing. Welcome back #Cruiser.

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