Half π / COUNT

Date: 11/7

QIC: Black Hole

PAX: Black Hole, Scar, Photo Finish, Dos Equis, Brisket, Trailblazer, Dick Clark, Red Coat, Cruiser, WallE and Checkmate (FNG)

AO: The Rising

Recalling July 22nd as Pi approximation day (22/7), today (11/7) is half pi. Like 22/7, this decimal also repeats:

11/7 in decimal form

For those who don’t remember their math symbols, the bar above the numbers mean that that sequence repeats forever. So… 11/7 was responsible for the reps in today’s WO. In keeping with current events, today’s theme is the COUNT that is also continuing.


  • 1 – Mosey – from the flag/parking lot to the bleachers and back

Grasspickers for the 6. 5 burpees for late pax.

  • 57 – Motivators from 10 to 1 IC (= 55 reps x 4 exercises) + 2 extra reps each

Mosey to NE trail intersection. Plank for the 6.

  • 14 – Merkins, restaurant quality IC
  • 28 – LBCs IC

Mosey to NW corner of the park. Freddie Mercury for the 6. As dictated by the repeating decimal, we repeated the last 6 digits. So, another round of Merkins and LBCs!

  • 57 – credit from 1st set of motivators (1/2 SSH)
  • 14 – Merkins, Chuck Norris IC
  • 28 – LBCs IC

Mosey to just north of the tennis courts. Abe Vigoda IC for the 6. Since I value my sanity, we did a different set of exercises for the next round.

  • 57 – credit from 1st set of motivators (legs only SSH)
  • 14C – Captain Thor OYO – 1 Big Boi Situp: 4 American Hammer (did we get to 8 BBSU?)
  • 28O – Al Gore / Treehugger(each pax in circle count up until 28)

Mosey to bleachers. ?? for the 6.

  • 57 – credit from 1st set of motivators (hops)
  • 14U – Upside down / Balls to the walls against bleacher fence (each pax count up to 14)
  • 28N – No Surrender OYO march modification (step forward when getting up) across field towards where we left the trail

After completing 28 steps, mosey remaining distance to trail. ?? for the 6.

  • 57 – standard Motivators + 2 IC

Mosey past the tennis courts to the parking lot. Boat/Canoe for the 6.

  • 14T – Moroccan Nightclub IC
  • 28C – Crawl Bear OYO (reverse bear crawl 14 parking spaces and back = 28)

Mosey around the parking lot once.

  • 57 – credit from 2nd set of motivators (1/2 SSH)
  • 14O – Round box cutter IC
  • 28U – Underdog, pull-up lying under the wooden fencing around the parking lot, IC

Mosey back to the flag. Get a drink of water while waiting for the 6.

  • 57 – credit from 2nd set of motivators (legs only SSH)
  • 14N – Newton’s Cradle IC
  • 28T – Wide arm merkins IC

YHC couldn’t power through all 28 like Dick Clark and Cruiser, Respect! Wrap up with some deep breaths.

Strava trace: 1.14 mi

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama.

COT: WallE commented on the state of the country after the election. Scar encouraged us to reach out to people in our lives who may be on the “other” side and build bridges. Despite many races still uncalled, the one thing that is clear is that a record number of people were motivated to vote and that can only be a good thing for democracy.

L to R: XX, Scar, Checkmate FNG, PhotoFinish, Trailblazer, Dick Clark, RedCoat, Cruiser, Brisket, WallE, BlackHole

9 HIM for coffeteria at Grover’s Mill Coffee.

Clockwise from 12 o’clock: Brisket, Checkmate FNG, Trailblazer, BlackHole, Scar, XX, Dick Clark, WallE, RedCoat

YHC intended to “draw” a quarter slice of the pie, since mathematically half π = 90 degrees. However, as the Strava trace shows, I failed. So, technically, XX was correct to have predicted that today’s theme was “half pie”.


YHC, Black Hole

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