7 Pax came to Arise for ScarU’s Q… Lot’s going on these days so we needed some extra work to calm the nerves and breathe..

Who: ScarU (Q), Fotofinish, Exterminator, Dick Clark, Mountie, Brisket and Dos

Warm up-
Albatross breathing
Hip Hinges
My Back Hurts
Calf Stretch
Chest openers
Triceps stretch 
Diaphragmatic breathing- hand on stomach- longer exhale 

The Thang-
B urpees    4 reps
R   anger Merkins   6 reps
E   verest climbs followed by breathing at top – intentional   1 rep
A   ir Squats   4 reps
T   Shoulder Taps   6 reps
H   ops – Side Straddle followed by Squat  4 reps
E   El Capitan-  Mountie climbers followed by a jump   6 reps

Box Breathing –
4 in,
hold 4 sec,
breathe out 4 sec,
rest 4 sec

Cool Down-
Childs pose
Hamstring lifts
Body twists 
More breathing 4-7-8 breathing 

Gratitude – What are you grateful for?

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