What day is it anyway?

(Written by Dick Clark)

6:30 am Monday, November 9, 2020
Clear, 50 degrees
6 Pax: Photo Finish, Dos Equis, Checkmate, Mountie, WallE, Dick Clark on Q.

After a jarring political weekend, the Pax returned to abnormal 2020 life with a Monday workout in search of a theme. Is November 9 (11/9) the opposite of 9/11?
Do we memorialize the late-great Alex Trebek or Sean Connery (whose doppelgangers sparred multiple times on SNL)?

No time for head-scratching: time for the beatdown.


A great sunrise emerged as we started easy:

  • Run in place
  • Side straddle hop x10
  • Stretches
  • Arm Circles x10
  • Imperial Walkers x10


We moseyed to the tennis court and pioneered “calling the switch”: the pax did each exercise at his own pace, until the guy who was “it” finished the specified reps, then called the Switch to the next exercise—and the next guy was “it” to keep the count.

Two Rounds:

  • Get-ups x30
  • Merkins x30
  • LBC x30
  • Lunge x30

Then we moseyed past the playground and doubled back so we met the six right at the equipment. Time for Twenty-ones: 21 side-straddle hops in unison, but only counting the frist five reps out loud. Everyone has to stop together, after exactly 21 reps, or you get the punishment round. To eveeyoone’s delight however, we succeeded every time, and instead got the rewards (three times to rpve it wasn’t a fluke).

  • Flutters x21
  • Incline Merkins x21
  • Big Bois x21

Then we stayed on the equipment and paired up, doing dips while the partner sprints out and back; two rounds for about 40 dips total.

Finally was the partner-assisted pullups: hang and bend your knees so your feet are behind you. Your buddy holds your feet steady, so you can use your legs to assist each pull-up. Photo Finish is 78, and he did 10 pull-ups. Now THAT’S the Thang. 


  • Get-ups x60
  • Merkins x60
  • LBC x60
  • Lunge x60
  • Side straddle hop x63
  • Flutters x21
  • Incline Merkins x21
  • Big Bois x21
  • Dips x40
  • Pullups 1 set

That’s a wrap, so back to the Shovel Flag for stretches and cool-down.


It was great to have Checkmate for his second beatdown—this guy has got the feel, so we are glad to review more basics:

A review of the 3 F’s—Fitness, Fellowship, and especially Faith—in something bigger than yourself.

And we talked about the few workout rules: Peer-led, outdoors rain or shine, all men are welcome, Circle of trust at the end, and free of charge. 

Finally, thoughts and prayers to our brothers suffering loss, whether they are Pax or elsewhere in the community—may the Pax support each other to support everyone else.

Alex Trebek and Sean Connery showed there are different ways to be a man, but they can all be leaders.

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