F3 Among Us

Where – The Rising, 7am, Jan. 9th, ~ 25 degrees
Who- The UX, Cruiser, ScarU, Scar2K, Dick Clark, Trooper (Q), Mountie (Q), Milky Way, Mulligan, Red Card, Red Coat, Brisket, Ribs (FNG, Brisket’s 2.0), Dos Equis, Wall-E and Black Hole.
What- Among Us in person..

It has been 10 months of social distancing and many of us have heard and possibly even played the popular online game “Among Us”. Teens will say that it is a social, online game but it also is delivered through those addictive screens that live in our pockets so as a parent, I am not always a fan. But this is 2021 and we need to see the good in things whenever possible. At some point in my household, we started to merge the Among Us game and the F3 workout themes until Trooper (my 2.0) and I decided to make an official Q for F3 Princeton to test out. The goal is to combine the outdoor workout and screen addicting fun into our latest Q. Let’s see how it goes..

Warm Up- 

Arm circles, stretching legs, back, neck and all
Imperial Squat Walkers
LBFC – Little baby flutter kicks
Swingsets- Make a table, feet & hands on the ground, belly up in the air. Swing your butt down between your hands, then back up into a table (feels like being on a swing set)

The Thang-

F3 Among Us-

The setup-
Draw cards- Every draws a card so that there are 4 imposters (red cards) and the rest are crew members (black cards)

Everyone closes their eyes and only the imposters open so they know their team.

The Game/Rules-
There are 5 stations with 5 different exercise spots.
Each round, every player will mosey to any station they want and perform the workout at that spot. While they are moseying or working out, if anyone other F3 member (who is an imposter) says “F3 Princeton, keep showing up!” to them, then they have been killed and their game is over.

When everyone returns to the meeting location, anyone that was killed will head over to green helmet and continue the workout there. The remaining folks get to discuss and then vote for who they think are the imposter(s). The person with the most votes is kicked off the ship and joins the workout at green helmet. Before they leave, they reveal if they are an Imposter or if an innocent crew member was just killed.

The remaining players will start the next round, all crew members must now mosey to a second workout location and the game continues until all the crew members are killed (imposters win), all the imposters are captured, or we complete all 5 rounds (the crew wins).

Here are the Stations-

X is Green Helmet
Star is the Meeting location

Station 1 – Body Builders x 15  (burpees with a plank jack)

Station 2 – Carolina Dry Docks x 25  + Dips x 25

Station 3 – Your 2 Favorite Merkins x 25 each

Station 4 – 100 SSH (do smurf jacks for extra credit)

Station 5 – Step-ups & Box Jumps x 50 total (any combo to get there)

Simple enough, let’s begin-

The Recap-

Round 1 had 17 pax spread out to all the stations and immediately 4 crew members are killed. Back at the meeting spot, there was strong belief that ScarU was seen telling Mulligan “F3 Princeton, Keep showing up!”. Sure enough, he had the most votes and the first imposter was done. Crew 11 – Imposters 3

Round 2 seemed much thinner but the Imposters had another round of killings 3 more crew members and the survivors voted for The Ux to join green helmet. The 2.0s were catching on that paying attention to the surroundings and the other pax was key to the game. They also started staying closer together exercising some 2F to help them survive. Crew 8 – Imposters 2

Round 3- If Round two was lighter, Round three was a OYO session as each station only had a few people left. If you paid attention now, you had a good chance to find an imposter. Seems easy enough and at Station 4 you had to complete you SSH/smurf jacks while you watched out for imposters. A few more crew members went down and finally Red Coat was exposed and voted to the helmet. Crew 6 – Imposters 1

Round 4- Two Rounds to go and maybe we’ll survive the trip. The 2.0s are starting to think that there are 5 imposters but kept moving forward to the next station. While they knocked out their favorite merkins, the remaining imposter “modified as necessary” and started taking out multiple crew members. As bodies started to fall, there was suddenly only 2 crew members and 1 Imposter, but in his rampage, Wall-E had made it clear that he was the final imposter but had killed everyone that was left, and he and Milky-Way, a crew member who made a deal to survive (modify as necessary) was the only one to end the game!

We welcomed everyone back to the meeting spot to recap and COT.

Cool down-
Burp and Merks (burpee with 1 pushup, then burpee with 2 pushups, up to 5)
Boat Canoes
COT then Coffeeteria

I am very proud of my 2.0 Trooper (who did this Q with us on his final day as a ten year old, he turned 11 today). He was the co-planner of this Q (along with his sister) and was my main motivation for putting this together. There were many conversations at home, on walks and car rides to discuss how we can merge the workout theme with other trends in our lives. I’m thankful that F3 has given me an outlet for my family to see me as a physically active, hardworking father and I’m grateful for F3 Princeton for encouraging me to keep showing up!



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