5.11 Annihilation Beatdown

“Flair” courtesy of Black Hole’s daughter

Physics lesson for the day. Annihilation refers to the conversion of matter when it comes in contact with anti-matter to become pure energy via Einstein’s E=mc2. Plugging in the mass of electron (or it’s anti-matter twin, the positron), the speed of light, and some conversion factors, you get 511 keV photons. These are the signals that are detected in PET scanners in the hospital. Happy PET day! Apparently, this is important in astrophysics too.

Annihilation in the beatdown sense involves a great deal of energy performing exercises with coupons. Exercises came primarily from the F3exicon. 8 #HIM posted for the virtual workout.

Where: Zoomland

Who: Black Hole (Q), Milky Way, Mountie, Brisket, Dos Equis, Scar, Brewster, Lowes

Warm up: windmills, arm circles, circle arms, toe touches

The Thang: 60 AMRAP / 30 rest TABATA

1st half

  • A – American Hammer (coupon)
  • N – Newton’s Cradle – see exicon for description
  • N – Noonan (coupon) – see exicon; Noonan tribute
  • I – Imperial Stormkickers – see exicon
  • H – Heavy Freddies (coupon) – see exicon
  • I – Imperial Squat Walkers – see exicon
  • L – LBCs
  • A – Apolo Anton Oh No! (coupon) – see exicon
  • T – Tempo Merkin – see exicon
  • I – Iron Squat (coupon) – see exicon
  • O – Overhead tricep extension (coupon)
  • N – No Surrender

Half-time: Disconnect and re-connect in Zoom so we don’t get cut off in the middle of the 2nd half. Unfortunately, we lost Dos for most the 2nd half due to technical difficulties.

2nd Half: Repeat 12 exercises above.

Finale: Mountie led us in a round of Boat / Canoes!

Name-o-rama: Scar took off before name-o-rama and XX’s mic was muted somehow.

COT: Grateful for all the Moms in our lives. Grateful for the fellowship of the PAX. Continued gratitude for essential workers.


YHC, Black Hole

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