Dos Anos

Who- 48 (yes 48!) attendees included..
Dos Equis, Trigger, Red Coat (Q), Dick Clark (Q), Risky Business, Wall-E(Q), Cruiser, FNG Hot Rod , Trail Blazer, Blue Grass, Smokey, Rocky , FNG Seahawk, Hacksaw, ScarU, TheUx, Mulligan (Q), Photo Finish, Bollywood, FNG Road Runner, FNG Code Ninja, Spike 2.0, FNG 2.0, Good Knight, Dial-up, Checkmate, Lafayette (Q), Red Strip, Exterminator, Scar2k (Q), Trooper (Q), Ribs (Q), Brisket (Q), Churchill, Hot Wheels, Dr. Seuss, Red Card, King of Beers, Scooper, Full Circle, FNG Blueprint, Mountie (Q), Aviator (Q)
In the Zoom- Focus Factor, Black Hole, Milky Way Sham-wow & Crozier

What- F3 Princeton’s 2nd Anniversary, aka “Dos Anos” was held on April 17, 2021. This was our first, in-person celebration and we did not want to disappoint. We took the Peer-led principle to heart and split the Q’ing by each station.

Where/When– April 17, 2021 – all over The Rising AO, West Windsor Community Park, New Jersey

Warm it up- It was a beautiful day that started with a Wall-E led warmup on the soccer pitch where it all started two years ago on 4/13/2019. The fun began with an intro (or reminder) of the F3 principles and getting the heart rate up as drones and fart-sackers arrived to fill out the opening ceremonies.

Tha Thang-

Part I- Route 66 (Express and Local)

An F3 Princeton favorite, we split the PAX into snack size (or at least in half) so we could safely travel down good old Route 66. With only a few Wayne’s World “Car, game on” interruptions, Dick Clark led the express lane while Mulligan took the scenic route to get everyone to the next station. Merkins, Squats, Alligator Merkins, SSHs and other options completed the route to the basketball courts.

Part Dos- Escalators

Next exercise is.. Escalators! What are those? No one remembers before they do them but they are another F3 Princeton favorite and a Brisket special. This one requires additional mental fortitude to master both counting and which direction is counter-clockwise. Don’t laugh or mock others as you will find yourself spinning in circles or trying to go the wrong way on the escalator.

We split the group into 4 (each corner of the double bball courts) and rotated anti-clockwise through the following. Don’t forget to head back to beginning after each new exercise. Done in cadence.
Merkins x 15
Squats x 15
Burpees x 15
Captain Thors x 5 – (4 AH for every 1 BBSU)

Part III – Parking Lot 2.0

We mosey back up Route 66 (skipping the tolls) to make it back to Parking Lot 2.0 where we will spend time doing 11s led by the F3 Princeton 2.0s (Lafayette, Scar2k, Ribs and Trooper).
11s- We alternated through squats and big boi sit ups first in cadence then OYO to close out part 3. Dips for extra credit while you wait for the 6. Check out the drone shots of this one (in the video at the end of this post). Not since Monopoly has free parking looked so fun!

Part IV – The Colisseum
Another long mosey from the parking lot to the Colisseum for the next stop. All about the modify as necessary, “The Rising”AO gives us the option to send the F3 runners the long way beyond the pickle/tennis courts, lax and football fields and over to green helmet. The rest of us took the Ikea short cut to join Red Coat for some fun in the colisseum.

1) planks, left side plank, right side plank – 30 sec each
2) “hollow rock” – 15
3) tuck jumps – 15
4) donkey kicks – 15
5) mosey to “green helmet” for Part V…

Part V – Green Helmet

For those that traveled from PA, NY (or further), no need to head to Vermont when F3Princeton has it’s own green mountain, aka Green Helmet to entertain you. We closed out our tour of The Rising with bear crawls up the summit. Everyone name your favorite bears as we exercise another F3Princeton tradition (and welcome the return of Risky Business!). Brown bear, polar bear, gummy bear

Bear crawl up, mosey down – 3

gain, check out the drone shots in the video at the end of this post for some cool shots.

And finally, we mosey back to the pitch aka soccer fields where it all began to close out Dos Anos with our largest counterama to date! If I can do it, so can you…

Boat/Canoes – If I can do it, so can you! B/Cs became a closing ceremony tradition for F3Princeton a while back and we throw in some kayaks to handle the rapids.

Counterama – check out the video for check-in.
Namerama – 47 (including zoomers)

To close out the anniversary, we brought the coffee and food to us. Bucket seats, breakfast sandwiches and some more celebration of F3 Princeton, Dos Anos!!

Thanks to everyone for being part of F3Princeton, we appreciate what you can contribute and KEEP SHOWING UP!!

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