Field Trip to Hopewell Valley

Date: 2/13/2021

AO: Unnamed (Rosedale Park, Pennington)

Conditions: overcast, 25 degrees, felt like 15

13 PAX: Scar, Scar2k, Lafayette, Aviator, Milky Way, Black Hole (Q), WallE, Brisket, Dos Equis, Mountie, Lowes (Indian Valley), Red Coat, and Cruiser

Disclaimer. Modify as necessary.

PAX of F3 Princeton explored a new potential AO at Rosedale Park. PAX arrived earlier than the Q! Warmups in the parking lot, by the treehouse playground and the flag. Everything was snow covered except the roads, so we kept on the pavement.


  • Windmills, IC x 10
  • Arm circles / circle arms, IC x 10 each
  • Motivators, IC, from 10

Mosey down to the other parking lot to begin.


  • Modified Merkin Mile (picked up from Feb 3 Indian Valley): 25 merkins at each corner of our loop, total of 100 merkins over ~0.5 mile (instead of 1 mile in the exicon)
  • Modified Burpee Mile (also from same IV WO): 12 burpees at each corner, total of 48 burpees over 0.5 mile (instead of 1)


Turn around towards the entry road, exercises at each of 7 posts along the road. 3 of the posts had reminders of the F3 Mission, Core Principles and Credo.

  • No surrender, OYO x 20 (Credo: Leave no man behind)
  • Daisy pickers, IC x 16
  • Al Gore (tree hugger), 30-count (Core Principles, several remind me of circles, hence hugger)
  • Breathe, IC x 10
  • Smurf jacks, IC x 20
  • Ox crawl to next post in honor of Lunar New Year of the Ox (aka Bear Crawl)
  • Bobby Hurley, OYO x 20 (Mission: plant and grow)

The 7 posts reminded me the 7 Dwarves and Smurfs. Any reason to sneak smurf jacks into the WO!


Mosey to the Avenue of the Giants for a Route 66 with Monkey Humpers. At each of next 11 trees, do increasing amounts of Monkey Humpers from 1 to 11, for a total of 66 reps.

Getting ready for Route 66 w Monkey Humpers at the Avenue of the Giants.

6MOM (Minutes of Mary)

Mosey to the Pavilion for 6MOM.

  • Dips, IC x 20
  • Big Boi Sit-ups, OYO x 20
  • Fluttas, IC x 20
  • Boat-Canoe-Kayak, misc
Dips at the Pavilion

Return to parking lot for photo and COT.

Strava trace: 2.17 miles

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama.


Wall-E shared a post from Atari about enjoying the moments in life. Appreciating that the pandemic has given all of us more time with our families, especially kids. [At coffeteria, Mountie brought up this blog post about “the tail end” that (among other things) describes how much time parents have with their kids.]

L to R: Scar, Mountie, Lowes (Indian Valley), Scar2k, Aviator, Dos Equis, Brisket, Red Coat, Lafayette, WallE, Milky Way, Cruiser, Black Hole (Q).

Thank you for the support the PAX showed by coming out to Rosedale Park. It was fun planning the workout at a different AO. Coffeteria at Udo’s Bagels in Lawrenceville.


YHC, Black Hole

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