Red Planet Exploration

Who: 13 Pax braved the icy planet (Dick Clark, Black Hole, Brisket, Lafayette, Dos Equis, Mountie, ScarU, Red Card, Red Coat (Q), Aviator, Cruiser, Scar2k and Wall-E)
Where: The Rising
written by Red Coat

Perseverance (Percy) was launched on Jul 30, 2020 and landed on Thursday Feb 18 3:55pm EST. It covered approx 293 mln miles from Cape Canaveral to Jezero Crater area

warm up

1) high knees – 20

2) butt kicks – 20

traveled with speed of 12K miles/hr and as it has entered atmosphere it had 7 min to break with parachute, rockets pack and heat shield

3) windmills – 20

4) toe touches – 20

rocket pack has lowered Percy carefully on the surface, set craft on its six wheels, cut the cord and flew away a safe distance

5) groiners – 10 OYO

The Thang (workout)

Percy weights about 1 ton, has 25 cameras, first time mics are installed on the rover as well as small rotorcraft to demonstrate capability of flight thru Mars atmosphere.  It is very motivating!

6) motivators – 10

Strength of gravity on Mars is approx 40% vs Earth, due to smaller mass, so it should be easy for us to make wide jumps!

7) lateral jumps – 20

First probe landed on Mars were Viking 1 and 2 (NASA) which orbited Mars and and  landed in 1976. Software controlling Precy is approx 2 mil lines of code, it has hundreds of thousands of electronic parts. There is no room for error or retries! 

8) incline merkins – 25

New technology called “terrain relative navigation” is used for the first time to choose exact landing spot in real time – essentially acting as “eyes”. This didn’t exist in 2012 when Curiosity rover has landed on Mars. Now – high precision burpees!

9) burpees – 15

10) plank – 30 sec

Surface of Mars is very rocky and Gezero crater is site of ancient river delta which is believed to exist there 3+ bln years ago. The hope is to find signatures of ancient life in the rocks and ground.

11) hollow rock & superman – 30 sec each * 3 times

12) glute bridges – 20

And once again since we are on Mars – we are using 60% less gravity to make really high jumps!

13) jumping knee tuck – 15

14) star jacks (like jumping jacks) – 15

Scientists expect for rover to cover only 10 miles of distance in the first 2 years, but one of the first tasks would be to release 4 lbs helicopter – small drone to fly on Mars for the first time ever!

15) reverse LBCs (legs to head) – 15

16) big boy sit-ups – 30

Percy is first mission ever with the plan to collect Martian samples of soil and rocks for return to Earth! Let’s collect our samples with side to side merkins and leg deadlifts!

17) side to side merkins – 20

18) single leg deadlifts  – 10 each leg

After Vikings, over the years, NASA has sent five rovers to Mars: Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity

19) monkey humpers – 20 (don’t forget to refuel!!)

20) plank to scorpion reach – 20

NASA is not the only space agency with Mars missions. Other countries which had missions to Mars are: Soviet Union and now Russia, China, India, Japan, UK, EU, Emirates. Besides Percy, two more missions are orbiting Mars now – Emirates and Chinese. Tianwen-1 mission landing is planned for May 2021 – something to get motivated by!

21) motivators – 10 !!!!!!!!

black birds enjoying the gloom

cool down

22) alternating lunges – 20

23) cobra plank – 10

24) sumo squat stretch – 10

25) good morning bend – 10

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