Monday Morning QBs

PAX: WallE, DickClark, Scar, Mountie, Dos, Aviator (Zoom) and Brisket on Q

7 faithful PAX showed up for a post Super Bowl beatdown with ice on the lot, snow on the ground and 16 degree temps.


Arm across stretch
Arm over stretch
Leg hold
Hip spreaders
Plank lunge
Tippy Taps x10
Motivators 10 -> 1


Super bowl inspired beatdown with 4 quarters of pain.

Quarter 1:
Merkins x30
Jump Squats x30
LBCs x30
HR Burpees x10
Plank – PAX 30 count with Mountie replacing 23 with “Jordan” from here on out.

Quarter 2:
IWs x30
Dips x30
MCs x30
HR Burpees x10
Plank – PAX 30 count

Half time show involved mumble chatter about the game.

Quarter 3:
Flutter x30
Merkins x30
Bobby Hurleys x30
HR Burpees x10
Plank – PAX 30 count

Quarter 4:
Supermans x30
Dips x30
Lunges x30
Hand Release Burpees x5
(Q decided to try something new with fair warning to go slow and avoid dropping your face onto the ground)
Plank – PAX 30 count

Mountie made an announcement of “2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29” prior to the plank count. Which was supposed to mean many screams of “PRIME” instead of the count, but many primes were missed.

COT: A post Super Bowl beatdown plus extreme temps and conditions were no match for the PAX. F3Princeton men know how to keep showing up no matter what!

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