Dos Anos – A Reflection

These thoughts were shared with the men of F3 Princeton

on the occasion of our 2nd Anniversary Celebration

The world deeply needs more men like us.

Dos Equis

Each time we get together for our workouts,   I will often be found facing east to watch the sunrise. Sometimes it is a glorious sunrise in many shades of blue in the sky. Sometimes the sky is pink or shades of orange and red. Sometimes I don’t see it all because of a very cloudy sky.  Sometimes it is snowing.

With each sunrise I ask the question:  “What will today be like?  What are the possibilities of this day?  What can I do to make the world a better place today?”

I don’t have the will power or commitment to do a workout on my own.  These guys push me on, and I try to keep up with them.  So I workout with a great group of guys that I consider brothers.  The fellowship and brotherhood I have with these men is beyond comparison.  There is something about going through a challenging experience like an intense workout that helps in bonding us.  I am honored to have their companionship.

They encourage me when I am down; they rejoice with me when I am up.  They show up, time and time again, at the early morning hour and sincerely ask me how I am doing.

This is a place of brotherhood.

This is a place of care.

This is a place where you can dream, and take action to make the world a better place.

It can be organizing a 5K race to help nonprofit organizations in the community; It can be providing lunch to the local police department; it can be providing meals to frontline responders in Trenton; it can be hosting a blood drive; it can be picking up trash in the local park.  It can be providing a meal to brother in time of need. It can be helping another F3 group raise funds to build a playground in an underserved part of their community. F3 Princeton has done all these things, and we continue to serve the community and serve each other.

We’ve adopted the phrase here, and we say it to each other often: “Keep Showing Up.”

Keep Showing Up – to get in the best physical shape in your life.

Keep Showing Up – to develop deep and lasting friendships with your brothers.

Keep Showing Up – to practice your faith, realizing you are not the center of the universe, and to be encouraged and enabled to make a positive difference in this world.

This world deeply needs more men like us.


Remain durable

Remain resilient

Maintain hope

Stay strong.

Stay safe.

Stay sane.


And, today it is very apparent I am with you, as seen on the Dos Anos shirt:  “I’ve got your back.” And I express that with heart intent.

Keep watching the sunrise with me.

Keep considering with me the possibilities of the new day.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I love you.

  • Dos Equis, 17 April 2021

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