The 3rd Anniversary of F3 Princeton

Date: 14 May 2022 AO: The Rising, West Windsor Community Park 48 PAX: Churchill, Riposte (FNG), Plumb Bob, Whistleblower, Fishbowl, Best Boy (FNG), Lafayette, Cipher, Heavy Metal, Ishmael, Shredder, Swish, Dreamcatcher, Citron, Smokey, Spike, ScarU, Pate, Photo Finish, Automatic, Zonda, Red Stripe, Tyson, Tanker, Cruiser, Thunder, WallE, Graf, Black Hole, Milky Way, Dos Equis, DickContinue reading “The 3rd Anniversary of F3 Princeton”

WWF: Wingman’s Wheel of Fitness

Thank you, Wingman (age 8) for your creativity in planning and for your leadership of today’s workout (Saturday, 4/2/22). Backblast written by Aviator. AO: The Rising (West Windsor Community Park) 20 PAX: WallE, Pharmer, Towpath, Automatic, ScarU, Casbah, Dos Equis, Ishmael, Slapshot, Whistleblower, Cruiser, Black Hole, RedCoat, Risky Business, Aviator, Lafayette, Citron, Dick Clark, Slash (FNG,Continue reading “WWF: Wingman’s Wheel of Fitness”

An Aviator Workout

Written by Aviator for the workout Monday, 3/28/22 AO: The Rising (West Windsor Community Park) 8 PAX: Brisket, Risky Business, Morpheus, Thunder, Dick Clark, ScarU, Dos Equis, and Aviator, Q, Conditions: Way too cold & Windy, 22 degrees. GMI = 18 Warm Up: Arm Circles, Circle Arms, Arm over & across stretches, Dick Clark Stretches Thang: TabataContinue reading “An Aviator Workout”

The Paddy’s Day Special

Who says the celebration of St. Patrick has take place on only *one day*? The revel continued on Saturday 3/19/22 with this workout by our own leprechaun, Thunder, Q. AO: The Rising (WWCP) 21 PAX: Dick Clark, Morpheus, Brisket, Casbah, Black Hole, RedCoat, Side Out, Zonda, Automatic, Heavy Metal, Casbah, Photo Finish, Slapshot, Ishmael, Knight2F3, DosContinue reading “The Paddy’s Day Special”

Spell an F3 Name Then Spring Forward

A backblast from the workout on Monday, 3/14/22, written by Side Out, Q. AO: The Rising (WWCP) 8 PAX: Brisket, Dick Clark, Mountie, Photo Finish, Risky Business, Thunder, Morpheus, and Side Out, Q. Conditions: 33° gloom WARM-UPMotivator 6 countsGood Morning Stretches 10 counts eachArm Circle 10 countsCircle Arms 10 countsJog in Place 10 countsButt Kickers 10Continue reading “Spell an F3 Name Then Spring Forward”

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Workout-a-thon

Written by Milky Way Milky Way and his buddy Aydin have been working hard to fundraise for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We are proud of their efforts. Please give consideration to helping them out. AO: The Rising PAX:  Babe Ruth, WallE, Aviator, Risky Business, Wingman, Thunder, Towpath, Mountie, Ishmael, Mulligan, Automatic, Hacksaw, Mulligan,Continue reading “Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Workout-a-thon”

Mix & Match

written by Dick Clark AO: The Rising (WWCP) 10 PAX Total: Mulligan, ScarU, WallE, Mountie, Photo Finish, Brisket, Side Out, Aviator, Dos Equis, and Welcome to Doubtfire (DR form F3 Kernersville NC) Q: Dick Clark Conditions: 38 degrees, clear and dry—just about perfect WARMUPRun in placeSSHDick Clark stretchesImperial WalkersCircle Arms The Thang Mix and March “SnackContinue reading “Mix & Match”

The Best Don’t Rest

Written by Tanker, on the occasion of his VQ Condition: 25 deg F, Mostly Sunny, GMI = 35 28 PAX: Dick Clark, Side Out, WallE, Black Hole, ScarU, Brisket, Mountie, Whistleblower, Cypher, Rodin, Mulligan, Photo Finish, Bogey, Shredder, Odyssey, Plumb Bob, Lafayette, Knight2F3, Swish, Morpheus, Zonda, Automatic, Munchies, Dos Equis, Babe Ruth, RedCoat, Ishmael (FNG),Continue reading “The Best Don’t Rest”