inTENtionally inTENse – Build The OAK Brick by Brick (S1E9)

AO: ao-the-oak
Q: Achilles Estavillo (SideOut/JabJab/Scorpion King)
PAX: W. Jason Griffith F3 Risky Business, Marc Rubenstein (ScarU), Sunny The Machine Sehgal, Achyut Patel, Flatbush (Malik Cobb), Vijay Aluwalia (Four Seasons)
FNGs: None
DiCCS: Disclaimer, Cell Phone present, CPR certified PAX (I was but has been expired for yrs), Safety

Abe Vigoda – 10 IC cnt
Shakira “Hips Don’t Lie” – 5 rotation ea hip
Seal to Walrus claps – 10x
SSH – 10 IC cnt
Stretches – 10cnt

8 exercises; Brick :bricks: on each hand always; TEN cnt each; performed at 8 different STOP signs around MSC parking lap; total of 3 rounds ea exercise in 45 min…

1. Karate Kid Crane (KKC)- need to focus & balance your energy (new)
Lunge Twist to 2
2. Big Boi KO (BBKO)
Bear Crawl to 3
3. Goblet Squats
Karaoke to 4
4. Rowers – Row your boats
Crab Walk to 5
5. LaRusso – Squat, Bricks clamped, fwd / upwd motion (new)
Mosey to 6
6. Under Pressure – On your 6, like Freddy Mercury but bricks go under/over legs (new)
Duck Walk to 7
7. Bird Dog
Mosey to 8
8. Knee Choppers – like V-ups with one knee with arm motion (new)
Karaoke to 1

Breathers after each round by W. Jason Griffith F3 Risky Business, Vijay Aluwalia (Four Seasons), Flatbush (Malik Cobb)



Positive attitudes.
Spend time with family.
Safety to all travelers (business and leisure).
Graduations (Congraduations! to all families who have kids graduating or moving up to next level/grade).
Thoughts/Guidance to all suffering in silence and those who are not able to make it to BD as they recover.

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