F3 Martian Park

Where: West Windsor Community Park. Below 60 degrees and steady rain.

13 Pax- Pharmer, Aviator (birthday boy!), Swish, Cruiser, Brisket, Wall-E, Trooper (Q2.0), ScaRU, Ribs, Lafayette, Risky Business, Scar2K and Mountie (Q1.0).

What: The community park’s set up a scavenger hunt in the local parks
( https://westwindsornj.org/martian) and it doesn’t take much for F3 Princeton to get motivated. It was a cold, rainy day and despite a little shivering, the pax was ready to go an find some little green men. The hopefuls assembled in the shelter of the pavilion but we quickly corrected this and shared the plan of the martian hunt. With medicine (music) ready at hand, we braved the elements to see if we can find the 9 signs in WWCP. Let the fun begin…

Warm up:
Arm circles, circle arms, SSHs and some other quick stretches and we are ready to go!

The Thang:
We moseyed to each Martian siting and did a routine of MARS at each stop.
Obviously, Merkins, Abs, aRms, Squats is the layout, so here we go..

#21 – ColosseumM – Merkins
A – LBCs
R – Dips
S – Squats
Alien Ant Farm
#4 Tennis CourtsM- Diamond Merkins
A- Imperial Walkers
R – Carolina Dry Docks
S – Sumo Squats
David Bowie – 2001 Space Oddity
#14 Bike PathM – Diamond Merkins
A – Hillbilly Walkers
R – SSHs
S – One Legged Squats
Bruno Mars
#12 Cricket PitchM – Wiide Merkins
A – Mountie Climbers
R – Bear crawls
S – Skis hops
Mo Bruno Mars
#5 Skate ParkBurpees! Armageddon Soundtrack
(La Grange, etc. )
#1 Basketball CourtsM – Merkins
A – Mountie Climbers
R – Bear crawls
S – Skis hops
Armageddon Soundtrack
#17 Dog ParkM- Staggered Merkins
A – Big Boy Sit ups
R – Some more arms
S – Some more squats
Men In Black
#3 Baseball FieldM – Worst Merkins ever!
A – Some more abs
R – Bear crawls
S – Apollo 13 Ohnos

COT- We finished the workout with 8 stops and 2 miles of running. Just in time to return to the colosseum and spend a few minutes reflecting on the past year and how things continue to change. Stay safe and keep showing up!

we never found that 9th martian..

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