Our First Post 2 Prost

Old Hights Brewing Company, Hightstown, New Jersey

You guys are F3? I am familiar with it from Seattle.

A Young Man in Hightstown

6:30 PM.  Brisket, Risky Business, Mountie, Pharmer, Black Hole and Dos Equis, Q.

Ever since I saw this idea by F3 Grand Rapids of an evening workout followed by a 2nd F pub stop, I said “We’ve got to try this.”  Thank you F3 Grand Rapids for this idea.

One week prior to this event, Risky Business and YHC did a reconnaissance trip to Hightstown to scout out workout locations, and to enjoy the brews of the Old Hights Brewing Company.

Six PAX (How appropriate is that?) gathered at the green space at the back of the brewery parking lot.



A moment of silence was observed as part of “Five Days in May”:  A Memorial Day Weekend Observance by F3 Princeton to honor and mourn the military personnel who have died in the performance of their military duties while serving in the United States Armed Forces.



Arm Circles

Circle Arms

Shoulder Stretch

Arms over head, stretch to each side

Tippy Taps


Mosey to Outside of Beer Garden

Side Straddle Hops

Imperial IPA Walkers


Mosey to Attorney Parking Lot on Ward Street


Lounge Act

Dying Cockroach


Mosey to Edge of Peddie School – Small Hill and Wall

Incline Merkins

Balls to the Wall

Wall Sits

Decline Merkins


Mosey to Ward Street Bridge (1896)

Bear Crawl half span and Broad Jumps the other half-span


Green space at end of bridge

Side straddle hops

Imperial Walker


Mosey along Greenway to Beaver Tree

Copperhead Squats

Apolo Ohnos


Mosey back to green space at Bridge (now called Bear Crawl Bridge)




At Bear Crawl Bridge

Railroad Tracks


Mosey to Monument

Alphabet  A-M (Trace out Capital letters with both legs as a unit.)

Crab Jacks

Carolina Dry Docks

Dying Cockroach


Mosey back to Brewery, outside of Beer Garden



Mosey to the green space at back of Brewery: The Brickyard

With brick in each hand,

Brick Curls

Brick overhead thrusters

Brick squats

Brick Seal Jacks.




COT – sharing of needs or concerns.

Closed in prayer.


Then it was time for a grand 2nd F in the beer garden. A good time was had by all! This was our third visit to the Brewery, for we had done Firepit times here earlier in the year.

Although tonight was titled “Post 2 Prost”, YHC is also calling it “Post 22 Prost 44 Dos 66” as this event served as the Birthday Bash Beatdown, done on the eve of turning 66 years [5/28/21].  All reps tonight were in some multiple of 11.

This was our first evening workout, as well.  I surely hope we can do more Post 2 Prost evenings or Pop-up evening workouts in other neighborhoods or communities.  It was great to talk to brewery patrons about F3 Princeton and F3 Nation.  It was strange, yet amusing, that a passerby recognized us as F3, and we had never done a workout in this town before tonight.

Honored to Lead,

Dos Equis

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