Irish Rover

Date: 08/09/2021, 

Conditions: clear skies, 70 degrees

Location: Community Park, West Windsor

9 PAX: Aviator, Wing-man, Scar U, Risky Business, Mounty, Trooper, Photo Finish, Rewind, Thunder (Q)

Disclaimer: Modify as necessary. Not a professional. Suggestions only. Don’t sue anyone. Aye

The theme was the “Irish Rover”, an Irish ballad about a large ship with 23 masts that set sail from Cork to New York with a huge cargo and a motley crew that never made it to their destination. Thankfully all our crew made it round this morning’s rove (ramble) around community park, exercising with counts of 23 along the way with multiple versions of the song to spur us along.


  • Stretch: Arm circle/circle arms, elbow above head, groin & hamstring stretch, tippy toes
    • Mosey

Round 1: 23 Count for each activity

  • 1. Burpees, 2. Flutters, 3. Squats, 4. Storm Troopers
  • Hill sprint
    • Mosey

Round 2: Groups of 2 rotating through 5 exercises below – 23 count based on group doing Sit-ups

  • 1. Pull-Ups, 2. Jump Overs, 3. Plank to Merkin, 4. Reverse Sit-ups, 5. Sit-up right hand to left foot  
  • Mosey

Round 3: Tennis court – exercise on the length, walk the width

  • 1. Lunges, 2. Bear Crawl, 3. Walking right foot to left hand, 4. Side Steps down on 3, 5. Crab Walk 
  • Mosey

Round 4: 23 Count for each activity

  • 1. Merkins, 2. Running squats, 3. American Hammers, 4. Superman’s, 5 Shoulder Taps 
  • Mosey

COT: The group talked about the 5 key tenets of an F3 workout, they are as follows.

  1. Are free of charge, 
  2. Are open to all men, 
  3. Are peer led, 
  4. Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold, and
  5. End with a circle of trust.  

The word all is inclusive of all men, no matter what race, religious belief, sexual preference, age or physical ability.    


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