Who: 14 HIM joined our Saturday Q in West Windsor Community Park (Mountie, Risky Business, Photo Finish, Towpath, Cumulus, Ghost Rider, ScarU (Q), Scar2k, Aviator, Wingman, Red Coat, Bollywood, Pharmer and Dick Clark in the Zoom (Outer Banks, NC).

The Thang:


P lanks – CORE

R egular or Merkins UE

I mperial Walkers UE and LE

D olly CORE

E scalator        10 SSH UE/LE, 20 squats LE, 30 lunges LE  


Thang 2:


B  ear crawl UE/LE

G as pump CORE

T he but Kis LE          (toe raises or alternate toe taps on steps )

Q radraphelia Cardio    5x 

  •  Burpees 10 

Run /Mosey


The reason I chose to talk about PRIDE and LBGTQ+ rights is my daughter is doing a rock concert this weekend where PRIDE is the theme.  So a tribute of sorts to wish her well.

Also, F3 states we are a group open to ALL men.  That means men of any race, religion, sexual orientation.   There is a machismo in the Nation but I wonder how the various groups are accepting of others? Are we living our principles? We, as a diverse community, can be a leader for that. 

What is manliness ? COT some great answers 

U2 pride 

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