Hill-Ten – (Twenty)

Pax: Risky Business Q, Mountie, Brisket, Dos Equis, Cumulus, Wall-E, Soul (2.0), Aviator, Wingman (2.0), Towpath, Ghost-rider (2.0), Dick Clark, Cruiser, Red Coat, Thunder, Turbulence, Tim Hortons, Guts, Photo Finish, Black Hole, Milky Way (2.0),

It’s vacation season and many Pax are either returning from or about to head out of town. On this hot and humid morning, 21 brave HIMs and 2.0’s showed up for a classic Risky Business beatdown.  After delivering a disclaimer, that would be best described as pure showmanship with good intentions, the PAX was ready for the challenge ahead. 


Arm Circles (IC x 10)

Circle Arms (IC x 10)

Tippy Taps (IC x 10)

Mosey to the Amphitheater 

The Thang “Hill-Ten” Dos Edition

Partner up: 

Partner 1: Run to top of the hill and return
Partner 2: Complete the exercise, until Partner 1, returns

Rinse and repeat all 20 exercises 

Part Uno

  1. Burpees
  2. LBCs
  3. Merkins 
  4. American Hammers
  5. Derkins
  6. Flutters
  7. Incline Merkins
  8. Hello Dolly’s 
  9. Dips
  10. Imperial Walkers  

(Pax was encouraged to take a breather)

Part Dos

  1. Mountie Climbers
  2. Step-Ups
  3. Freddie Mercury’s
  4. Side Straddle Hopkins
  5. Squats
  6. Planks  Regular
  7. Plank right arm up
  8. Plank left arm up
  9. Plank left leg up
  10. Plank right leg up

Pick up the six with 1 additional mosey up the hill and back 

Boat Canoes 


There was great mumble chatter that should be noted:

Mountie – “Hey Risky, did you not come up with any ideas for today’s workout?” Mountie has a good point, as he consistently produces some of the most memorable Workouts of F3 Princeton. 

Soul (Wall-E’s 2.0) – “I thought Risky’s workout would have been easier than Mulligan’s workout last week!” I did too, young man, I did too. 

Brisket – Upon just returning from Hawaii this week, and noted that he “stayed at the Hilton” in Hawaii, but this Hill-Ten was worse. 

Photo Finish – “That was a good workout!” Thank you!

YHC showed gratitude for each member of the Pax; and challenged each to continue to welcome All men, lead our families, our co-workers, friends, and make our communities better. Encouraged all to continue to EH other men to join our group. 

YHC will be traveling for much of the next few weeks; will miss the Pax while I’m away, but plan to visit other AOs as an ambassador of F3 Princeton

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