Diamonds Are Forever

Wednesday 8/25/21, 0630 hrs, 69 degrees

PAX: ScaRU, Cumulus, Turbulence, Mountie, Brisket, Risky Business, Aviator, Thunder, Dick Clark, and Dos Equis, Q.

Warm Up (11x of each)

Arm Circles, Circle Arms, Tippy Taps, V-Stretch, Lounge Act (each side)

Followed by Shoulder Stretch, arms above head stretch.

Mosey to the Baseball Diamond.  The Shovel Flag came with us and was planted at the pitcher’s mound.  We had not had a workout here in a long time.

A workout variant of 7 of Diamonds:

Structure of the workout:  Named movement between the bases, Repeat of exercise at each base; 7 reps at first base, 14 reps at second base, 21 reps at third base, and 28 reps at home plate.

First Inning: Movement – High Knees; Exercise at the Bases – Merkins

Second Inning: Movement – Backwards Run; Exercise at the Bases – Flutters

Dips at the Dugout (22x)

Third Inning: Movement – Straddle, left foot lead; Exercise at the Bases – LBCs

Fourth Inning: Movement – Straddle, right foot lead; Exercise at the Bases – Squats

Dips at the Dugout (22x)

Fifth Inning: Movement – Carioca; Exercise at the Bases – Rosalitas

Sixth Inning: Movement – Feet Back, Butt Kickers; Exercise at the Bases – Freddie Mercury’s

Dips at the Dugout (22x)

Seventh Inning: Movement – Run; Exercise at the Bases – Carolina Dry Docks

Eighth Inning: Movement – Bear Crawl; Exercise at the Bases – Imperial Walkers

Black Bear, Max Baer, Grizzly Bear, Teddy Bear, Brisket Bear, Da Bears….

Typical F3 Princeton Mumblechatter during Bear Crawls

Dips at the Dugout (22x)

Countarama. NameaRama , and COT at pitcher’s mound.

The Photo Finish.

Honored to Lead,

Dos Equis

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