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An IronPax 2021 Workout (Week 2) from F3 Puget Sound

This is the third year for F3Princeton, and we have been having the IronPax workouts at the Wednesday and Saturday workouts of “The Rising” AO at West Windsor Community Park.

Wednesday 9/15: 7 Pax – Mountie, ScaRU, Brisket, Aviator, Photo Finish, WallE, Dick Clark, and Dos Equis

Saturday 9/18: 18 Pax – Mountie, Bollywood, Brisket, Thunder, Citron (FNG), Lafayette, Cruiser, Black Hole, Dick Clark, RedCoat, WallE, Aviator, Wingman, Knight2F3, Towpath, GhostRider, Cumulus, and Dos Equis.

This backblast covers both the workouts on Wednesday, 9/15/21 and Saturday 9/18/21.

The workout:

Modified Version prepared for F3 Nation by our own ScaRU:

Guys pushed themselves hard on this one, and there was good mumblechatter throughout. DJs Mountie and Dick Clark made sure tunes were playing at both sidelines of the soccer pitch, where the workout took place. Guys instinctively picked up the six and joined in to help brothers through final rounds of X Factor and Bear Crawls.

The final tune, appropriately, was “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” by R.E.M.

Men got stronger. Men broke their limits on what they though they could do.

Honored to be a part of this group of High Impact Men,

Dos Equis

Wednesday 9/15/21
A whole lotta bear crawlin goin’ on
Thunder, Mountie, Aviator

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