Take Me Out to the Ball Game

AO:  The Rising

Q: Dos Equis

PAX: Mountie, Brisket, Lone Star Brat, and Black Hole (on ZOOM)

YHC had not Q’d in a while, and so to get back into it, he reprised his VQ of 3 July 2019.

Warm Up

Arm Circles

Circle Arms

Imperial Walkers


Lounge Act – right side down

Lounge Act – left side down

(Lounge Act – also known as “Dos Chill”:  Lying on your side, place top leg so knee is bent and foot flat on ground, perform leg lifts with bottom leg.  This is one exercise I remember well from workouts at the Princeton YMCA in the early 1980’s.)

Mosey to baseball diamond…

Around the bases….

Each time – exercise to first base than run the rest of the bases to home plate, exercise through first base to second base, then run the rest to third base and home plate.  Another exercise at home plate after twice around the bases.

Lunge walk, At home plate: Merkins

Feet kick-back run, At home plate: shoulder tap merkins

Backwards Run, At home plate: Mountie Climbers

Low straddle facing inward, At home plate: LBCs

Low straddle facing outward, Dips at the dugout

Grapevine/Karaokes, At home plate: big boi sit-ups

Fieldtown galleys, At home plate: Flutter

(Fieldtown Galley  – a variant of a morris dance leg movement, alternating legs – lift right knee and make counter-clockwise movement of lower leg, lift left knee and make clockwise movement of lower leg.)

The work out concluded with flutter ( as we say it at F3 Princeton – fluttah) and with, of course, boat/canoes.

The baseball field, with dugouts, is a great space for a workout…and since it is not getting much use yet this season, why not?  Maybe the surrounding bleachers will be filled someday with spectators watching our workouts, and making play-by-play commentary: a new form of entertainment in these pandemic times. It would be graet to have F3 Princeton #HIM baseball cards with stats and interesting facts on the back, too.

COT and photograph on the diamond.

Honored to lead,

Dos Equis

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