Cross Country Clown Car Chronology

So, it has come to this:

March 21 (sat) – Last in person workout @ 0630 (backblast); in line with governor’s Executive order, F3 Princeton WOs at The Rising suspended @ 1508.

Dos Equis: The last coffeteria for a while. Thank you @f3backup
for the bucket idea: 2nd F whenever and wherever. #F3BucketBrothers #WeAreWithYouBrother #DistancedNotDetached

In the beginning,

March 25 (wed) – Dos Equis zoom to Kansas City, MO, and WallE zoom to Rock Hill, SC, to check things out (Blistex and TinkerToy Q, respectively) and shared learnings.

Mountie: Samsung s9+ might be the alias but that is F3princeton’s finest Wall-E on the front page!!

March 27 (Fri) – Princeton, NJ – Scar Q – 1st virtual WO in Zoomland; F3 Mental Battle Day shedding light on men’s struggles with mental health (backblast); PAX: Scar, Dos Equis, Risky Business, Black Hole, Brisket, Sailor (FNG) and Dr Seuss of Lehigh Valley.

Clown Car begins!

March 28 (sat) – Valley Forge, PA – Dos Equis’ choice – Flipper Q; 26 PAX (Princeton: Dos Equis, Black Hole, WallE, and Milky Way FNG); twitter.

March 30 (mon) – Princeton, NJ – Mountie Q; 6 PAX (Mountie, Scar, WallE, Flame-Lehigh Valley, Dos Equis, Black Hole) backblast.

April 1 (wed) – Princeton, NJ – Scar Q – 5 PAX: Mountie, Scar, Black Hole, Dos Equis, Brisket; backblast. Anonymous person sends Dos Equis a Chromebook to join virtual WOs!

April 4 (sat) – Deep South Convergence (got hacked but resumed after new meeting details w password circulated); XX’s choice – Q’s: Toolman (Birmingham) and Catfish (New Orleans); 45 PAX (Princeton PAX: Dos, Scar, Black Hole, WallE); Twitter.

April 6 (mon) – Princeton, NJ – Mountie Q; 6 PAX: Mountie, Black Hole, Crozier (FNG), Scar, Dos Equis, WallE; Twitter.

April 8 (wed) – Princeton, NJ – Brisket Q; 9 PAX: Brisket, Mountie, Black Hole, Milky Way, Dos Equis, Trigger (Villanova), Cake Boss (??), Smokey, Cspan (Philly). Twitter.

April 11 (sat) – Lehigh Valley, PA – Beaker Q; Tabata Convergence; 31 PAX (Princeton PAX: Mountie, WallE, Brisket, Black Hole); backblast.

April 13 (mon) – Princeton, NJ – CSPAN Q; facebook; 1 yr anniversary slide show by Mountie and Brisket.

April 15 (Wed) – Princeton, NJ – Scar Q; PAX: Scar, Dos Equis, Mountie, Brisket, Focus Factor, Kosher Dill, Sailor, Munchies; backblast.

April 18 (sat) – Long Island, NY – Full Circle Q – Dos Equis choice; 9 PAX (Princeton: Scar, Milky Way, Black Hole, Dos Equis, Mountie, Brisket, Pharmer); instagram.

April 20 (mon) – Princeton, NJ – Scar Q after Mountie fartsacked; PAX: Scar, Black Hole, Dos Equis, Brisket; backblast.

April 22 (Wed) – Princeton, NJ – Mountie Q; PAX: Mountie, Dos Equis, Brisket, Black Hole, Scar and Focus Factor; backblast.

April 25 (sat) – Hampton Roads, VA; Space monkey Q; Black Hole’s choice; 6 PAX: Space Monkey, Gator (in Italy), Dos Equis, Black Hole, Brisket, Mountie.

2020-04-25 F3 Hampton Roads virtual AO: Space Monkey Q. Missing: Brisket and Mountie

April 27 (mon) – Princeton, NJ – Scar Q; PAX: Scar, Mountie, Dos Equis, Black Hole, Brisket

April 29 (wed) – Princeton, NJ – Scar Q; PAX: Scar, Black Hole, Dos Equis, Focus Factor, Brisket

May 2 (sat) – Phoenix, AZ – Forrest Q – Brisket choice; 20 PAX (Princeton: Black Hole, Milky Way, Brisket, Dos Equis, Red Stripe, Scar, Churchill, Mountie, and FNG-Ed Mathis named 5/7 Brewster)

9 PAX of F3 Princeton joined 11 other PAX at F3 Phoenix’s virtual AO on May 2, 2020.

May 4 (mon) – Princeton, NJ – Mountie Q – Star Wars theme; PAX: Mountie, Brisket, Black Hole, Milky Way, Dos Equis; backblast.

May 6 (wed) – Princeton, NJ – Scar Q; PAX: Scar, Black Hole, Mountie, Brisket, Dos Equis, Focus Factor, Cubby.

May 9 (sat) – St Louis, MO – Ronda Q – Mountie’s choice; 16 PAX (Princeton: Black Hole, Scar, Mountie, Brewster, Red Stripe, Focus Factor, Dos Equis, and Brisket).

May 11 (mon) – Princeton, NJ – Black Hole Q – annihilation theme; visitor: Lowes (Valley Forge); backblast.

May 13 (wed) – Princeton, NJ – Mountie Q; 8 PAX.

May 16 (sat) – Long Island, NY – Pure Lead (Puget Sound) Q.

May 18 (mon) – Princeton, NJ – ??Q

May 20 (wed) – Princeton, NJ – Brisket Q

May 22 (fri) – Puget Sound, WA – Dredd Q – Scar choice; 94 PAX (Princeton: Black Hole, Dos Equis, Mountie, Scar, Smokey, Milky Way). Around noon time, Dos DMs me asking if I am good to Q in the Park on Monday. Of course! The announcement.

May 23 (sat) – Colorado Springs, CO – Triple Bogey Q – Milky Way’s choice; 12 PAX (Princeton: Black Hole, Milky Way, Scar, Brisket, Churchill, and Dos Equis).

Colorado Springs virtual WO

Back in the GLOOM!

May 25 (mon) – Princeton, NJ – Black Hole Q; Back at WWCP after 65 days since last in-person WO; backblast.

If anything good has come from the COVID-19 shutdown, it is that we were able to virtually post down range and meet other F3 guys and learn different exercises. I hope AOs continue to offer virtual options to expand the reach of F3 to men all across the nation. During this time, we welcomed several FNGs where F3 is not in their area (yet): Brewster (Wisconsin) and Focus Factor (Jersey City).

Always be EH’ing!



Black Hole

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