The Key is 3!

(Written by ScarU) 

Who: 7 Pax ScarU (Q), Mountie, Photo Finish, Dick Clark, Mulligan, Brisket and Dos Equis.

Warm up-
Flag Imperial Walkers, seal claps, Tippy Taps

Mosey to station 1 – Upper body – Outside Gym
Music- Guns and Roses- Paradise City
The Thang: AMRAP ( as many rounds as possible) 9 min 9 s
pull ups
incline push ups

Mosey to station 2- Cardio- Green Helmet 
Music- Michael Jackson- Man in Mirror 
The Thang:
Burpee Hill.
9 min AMRAP- 3 burpees half other half run/walk up hill – switch 

Mosey to station 3- Lower body- Coliseum 
Music: Darius Rucker – Wagon Wheel
The Thang:
9 min AMRAP- 9 reps each step ups, squats, sshopkins 

That feeling when you’re done with legs..
0% cloud coverage in the gloom

Cool Down   
Side plank 
Opposite arm leg (bird dog) 
boat canoes 

COT- prayers for country, stay safe, stay sane, maintain hope

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