Eccentric Coupon Work

AO: ao-the-big-house
Q: Skynet
PAX: beater, Dick Clark, Manish Bhansali (F3 – Aviator), Uday Jain (WallE)
FNGs: None

WARMUP: side straddle hops, arm circles, circle arms, imperial walkers, tippy taps

THE THANG: 7 coupon exercises x 15 reps followed by a mosey, then rinse and repeat x 4

1. Grave digger
2. Kettle bell swing
3. Eccentric overhead press (slow 3 count down)
4. Bent over row
5. Eccentric merkins (slow 3 count down)
6. Eccentric curls (slow 3 count down)
7. Skull crushers

MARY: Freddy Mercury rope pulls, AmHams, BBSU, Hello Dolly, LBC

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Hike Mt Tammany on 5/11 with Manish Bhansali (F3 – Aviator). Recruiting for Blue Ridge Relay in September

COT: Enjoy the perfect weather this time of year, got a good pump in and some good laughs

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