Splish Splash

Scene: 43 degrees, extremely foggy and overcast after a weekend of rain. The PAX abandoned the dry cover of the gazebo for a tour of the AO.

PAX: Aviator, Mountie, PhotoFinish, ScarU, DosEquis, WallE, DickClark and Brisket on Q

Arm across stretch
Arm over stretch
Leg holds
Hip Spreaders
Peter Parker Stretch
Tippy Taps
Motivators x10

Mosey to Route 66
– Increasing merkins at every tree

Mosey to Playground
– Curb Alperts
(Plank on the curb edge of the playground and shift left and then right for a 4 count)

Mosey to BB Court


YHC was looking for a them for for this workout and discovered that it was an important day for a popular Canadian living in the USA. No not Mountie, Justin Bieber’s birthday! Instead of celebrating that, we decided to mark the 60th day of the year and the first day of March with 2 rounds of Escalators adding up to 60 reps.

Round 1
Mountain Climber x15
American Hammer x15
Reverse Crunch x15
Copper Head Squats x15
Heart Chargers… err… I mean RISKYS

The court was a little wet, but that did not stop us from taking full advantage of exercises on the six, back and front. We were all pretty soaked, but it was great to not be running around on ice for a change.

Discovered that there was a ridiculous amount of deer poop on the court for some reason.

Round 2
Merkins x 15
Australian Snow Angels x 15
Rosalita x 15
Captain Thor (1 BBSU:4 AH) x 10
Heart Chargers

Mountie managed to get some JB playing on Spotify to get us through the Captain Thors! After that we had definitely left our mark and dried up a significant amount of water on the court. Nice work, Men!

Mosey to Gazebo


New month, new beginnings, start of Spring arriving soon. Staying resilient is tough! The weather made us look forward to warmer (less wet) workouts.

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