“Buzzer Beater Basketball—Bereft of Burpees”

Buzzer Beater Basketball – Bereft of Burpees

Cloudy, 50 degrees, dry.

16 Pax: Dos Equis, Red Card, Aviator, Mountie, ScarU, Brisket, Ribs, Cruiser, Redcoat, Wall-E, Dick Clark (Q) and Looney Tunes (from F3 Free State, of Delaware)
+ 2 FNGs Swish and Dauber (in the zoom)
+ Black Hole, ShamWow (also in the zoom)

Mulligan beat the buzzer on his alarm, so Dick Clark said, “put me in, coach!” He announced the theme as “Buzzer Beater Basketball”, the final homage to the Final Four—at least for this year.

We started in the parking lot with simple warm ups:

Run in place



Circle Arms

Imperial Walkers

Then we moseyed to Route 66, to start the workout. 


We started the tailgate party on Route 66, with a reverse escalator: every tree-milestone was a set of lunges, starting with 11, and going down to 1.

Total: 55 lunges each leg, counting pairs (110 total). Good work!

We continued the mosey to the basketball court, and got busy with the beatdown:

Buzzer Beaters: The Q names the exercise and the number of reps, to do in cadence. When the reps start, one of the pax starts taking basketball foul shots. The set ends when a) the shooter makes a basket, or b) all the reps are complete. The Q keeps track of whether there are any leftover reps when a basket is scored, and they will be done on the next round. The beatdown ends when all reps have been exhausted—along with the pax.

Round 1:

100 George Foremans

80 LBCs

60 Squats

40 Big Boi Situps

20 Monkey Humpers

Short rest, then Round 2:

100 Mountie Climbers

80 SSHs

60 Flutters

40 Merkins

20 Get-Ups

It took the Pax 4 Rounds to do everything, in homage to March Madness. After the four rounds, we moseyed back to the shovel flag for cool-down and COT. Dick Clark realized afterwards that we did all those reps without doing a single Burpee—it was a Buzzer Beater Basketball, Bereft of Burpees.

COT: We had the pleasure of welcoming FNGs Swish and Dauber (zooming in from Carver, Minnesota). We did one round of gratitude—naming what we are grateful for this week, and the COT itself, giving thanks for coming together as men to keep ourselves strong and supportive for our communities and families.

BONUS- the F3 Free to Bleed in WW took place this weekend with a solid showing. Thanks for all that participated.

F3 Princeton Blood Drive on 4/10: 39 units donated. 8 F3 Princeton guys; Lotsa Headlocking to other guys there that were blood donors.

Dos Equis

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