The Dice Man

Thanks GNC for the great workout tool!

Who, What, Where: 9 Pax (Mountie (Q), Dick Clark, Photo Finish, Soul, Wall-E, Risky Business, Dos-Equis and Aviator) gathered in the gloom of a non-spooky “Wednesday the 13th” to test their luck with the Dice Man.

Warm it up: Arm circles, circle arms, SSHs, leg stretching, dick clarks and we are ready to get this party going.. we took some medicine (music) to help the gloom fade away.

The Thang

Thang 1:

We rolled the dice twice and we are ready to do some “relay run 11s” with LBC and Squats aka “Patty Cake Squats” as we tried our best to make it weird.

Thang 2:

Next up, we mosey to the pavilion to try something new with a “bridge walk congo line”. Like a bridge over troubled waters, we took turns doing a handstand shuffle and moving down the line. 2 rounds and we were ready for craps!

Thang 3: Modified Craps table…

I don’t understand craps, but I do understand that everyone throws the dice and then exciting things happen. So we picked the hot table in the pavilion and recreated some riverboat magic. Each PAX took turns throwing the dice and picking our next session. Plenty of merkins, lbcs, freddy mercuries and squats for days. Plus some burpees and more squats for time. Everyone is a winner at the Riverboat Gloom!

Time to wrap it up, so a quick mosey back to the shovel flag for..

Counterama, Namerama and COT-

Dos gave us the movie trailer version of the 10 year and we had a quick minute to reflect on how time is undefeated and we should all be aware of what our bodies are telling us, keep doing what you can and be there for each other.

Thanks for letting me lead, great to be out there. Keep showing up!

– Mountie

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