Pyramids of beatdown – A WallE construction.

3 exercises repeated from 1 rep each to 7 reps each. This signifies climbing the pyramid.
At the top we do 2 sets of 10 reps of 3 exercises. (denoted with ***)
We then climb down the pyramid by repeating the original 3 exercises – going from 7 reps back to 1 rep.
End the pyramid (round) with a run.

Pyramid 1 (Upper body)
Pyramid = Merkins, Squats, BigBoy Situps
*** T-merkins; Dips; Carolina Dry Docks

Pyramid 2 (Abs)
Pyramid = T Merkins, Bobby Hurley, Freddy Mercury
*** Flutters; LBC; American Hammers

Pyramid 3 (Legs)
Pyramid = Burpees, Bonnie Blair; Hello Dolly
*** IW squats; Lunge; HB squats
*** No surrender; Lunge; IW squats

Plank for the 6.


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