(V)Q Tips

Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/f3nation/bing-talks-q101
 – see above for link to Ref (Google) Doc for a lot more details than what follows.

 – Plan 2 workouts (depending on AO condition, weather and PAX fitness)
 – Make both workout plans run longer than allotted time (so you have options)
 – Go with your strengths, but include variety (example: longer runs, if you are a runner) (If you can’t do it, don’t Q it).
 – Simple structure: Warm-up – routine/s – Cool down
 – Plan for COT
 – Use GoogleMaps to map out AO as needed.
 – Carry a watch – stay on schedule – return to start (or have a PAX track time for you).
 – You can carry your plan (it’s called a Weinke)

 – This is an F3 workout – I am not a professional
 – Instructions are suggestions – modify based on your fitness/injury
 – You are responsible if you choose to continue (assumption of risk)

 – Practice the count
 – PAX – respond to the count – Q needs it to keep cadence – gauge PAX tiredness

 – Start and end on time.
 – Keep an eye on the 6 – “No man left behind”
 – Let the Mustangs know where to stop and what to do while they wait for rest of PAX (Plank/Merkin/Squats/Crunches)
 – Assign a “Ranger” (a PAX to keep Mustangs in check) a “Rover” (watch for 6)
 – End with Count-a-rama; Name-a-rama; Share;
 – Circle Of Trust (COT)

 – Photograph for social media
 – Document routine for BackBlast

 – How to Count (straight from the F3 founders!): https://f3nation.com/2012/02/22/f3-tv-how-to-count/
 – Exercises – https://f3nation.com/exercises/
 – Idea 1 – search above for “Routine”
 – Idea 2 – look though BackBlast (your’s and other AOs) – make a personal mix
 – F3 lingo – https://f3nation.com/lexicon/

It’s not a contest to have the toughest workout – Work the PAX out, don’t hurt/destroy them – Make them want to return.

Prepare – Lead – Enjoy the experience.

– WallE

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