Clear Skies – BOOM – Thunder!

November 13, 2021

Conditions: clear skies, 40 degrees: Location: Community Park, West Windsor

27 PAX:

Aviator, Wing-man, Scar U, Knight2F3, WallE, Soul, Thunder (Q), Heavy Metal, Dos Equis, RedCoat, Dick Clark, Brisket, Morpheus, Whistle Blower, Photo Finish, Vintage, Walrus, Cruiser, Black Hole, Cumulus, Lafayette, Bollywood, Graf, Kasbah, FNG x 3 – Babe Ruth, Shuttlecock, Slugger (Welcome!) 


Modify as necessary. Not a professional. Suggestions only. Don’t sue anyone. Aye


2K run, 5 x 5 activities per round, count of 20 for each exercise    

Dynamic Warm-Up:

  • High Knees, Bum Flicks, sideways run, hop left/right, hip twists


  • Stretch: Arm circle/circle arms, elbow above head, groin & hamstring stretch, tippy toes
    • Mosey (Quarter Mile run)

Round 1: 20 Count for each activity

  • 1. Burpees, 2. Flutters, 3. Squats, 4. Step-ups or Step-jumps 5. Dips
    • Mosey (Quarter Mile run)

Round 2: 20 Count for each activity

  • 1. Imperial Walkers, 2. Deep squats, 3. Plank to Merkin (Catalina Wine Mixer Merkin), 4. Wide leg sit ups, 5. Bobby Hurleys,  
  • Mosey (Quarter Mile run)

Round 3: 20 Count for each activity

  • 1. Lunges, 2. Bear Crawl, 3. Walking right foot to left hand, 4. Side Steps 5. Crab Walk 

Round 4: 20 Count for each activity

  • 1. Merkins, 2. Running squats, 3. American Hammers, 4. Reverse lunges, 5 Shoulder Taps 
  • Mosey (Quarter Mile run)

Round 5: 1. Narrow arm Merkins, 2. Hello dolly’s, 3. superman’s, 4. Hand release Merkins, 5. Plank

  • Mosey (Quarter mile)


Fantastic turnout today, welcomed 3 FNG’s (friendly new guys) and recognized Photo Finish for being a Q at the young age of 79 (Respect, Respect, Respect!) as well as thanking him for his service to our country. Good luck to Dick Clark, BlackHole, Red Coat and Milky Way in completing the Princeton Half Marathon.

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