Show me the Money!!

Where: 7am at The Rising, beautiful 41 degrees
Who: Smokey, Red Coat, FNG Rewind, Scar2K (Q), ScarU, Trooper, Aviator, Dos Equis, Mountie, Cruiser, and Black Hole, Milky Way and Shamwow in the zoom.


  • Welcome to F3- Scar 2K
  • Disclaimer – Can’t sue, here on your own, etc..  
  • Modify as necessary 
  • Today’s Workout is Called “ Show Me The Money” – why?  I’m collecting State Quarters! 

Warm Up- Windmills 10,  Triceps 3, Runners Stretch 

The Thang: “Show Me The Money”!!

Today:  State Quarters x 2 Rounds then Favorites 

State:  New Jersey 

Picture:  Washington Crossing the Delaware, which includes George Washington (standing) and James Monroe (holding the flag)

Caption: “Crossroads of the Revolution”

Exercise:  Boat Canoes. Year:  17. 8. 7. 

State:  New York

Picture: Statue of Liberty, 11 stars, state outline with line tracing Hudson River and Erie Canal

Caption: “Gateway to Freedom”

Exercise:  Statue of Liberty Lifts with weight    Reps:  17. 8. 8. 

State:  Ohio 

Picture:  Wright Flyer III (built by the Wright Brothers who were from Dayton); astronaut (Neil Armstrong, a native of Wapakoneta); state outline

Caption: “Birthplace of Aviation Pioneer”

Exercise:   Squat Jumps   Reps:  18. 0.  3.

State: Illinois

Picture: Young Abraham Lincoln; farm scene; Chicago skyline; state outline; 21 stars, 11 on left edge and 10 on right

Captions: “Land of Lincoln;” “21st state/century

Exercise:   Lincoln LBC’s    Reps:  18. 1. 18.

State:  Kansas 

Picture:  American bison (state mammal), sunflowers (state flower)

Exercise:  American Hammer   Reps:  18.  6.  1. 

State: South Dakota 

Picture: Mount Rushmore, ring-necked pheasant (state bird), wheat (state grass)

Exercise:  Mountie Climbers    Reps:  18.  8.   9.

State:  Alaska 

Picture: Grizzly bear with salmon (state fish) and North Star

Caption: “The Great Land”

Exercise:   Bear crawls  19. 5. 9. 

State:  Hawaii

Picture: Statue of Kamehameha I with state outline and motto

Caption: “Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono

Exercise: Merkins  19. 5. 9.

State:  California 

Picture: John Muir, California condor, Half Dome 

Captions: “John Muir,” “Yosemite Valley

Exercise:  Condors (motivators)  18. 5. 0.

State:  North Carolina 

Picture:  Wright Flyer, John T. Daniels’s iconic photo of the Wright brothers

Caption: “First Flight”

Exercise:  Flying Squirrel  17.  8.  9.  

Breathing exercise 5 sec in 5 sec out 10 breaths

Round 2 – do it again!!

Round 3 Favorites – North Carolina Dry Docks, Alabama Burpees, Bear Crawls (from somewhere) and Maryland Crab crawls.

Countarama – 10 + 3 on zoom 


COT – Welcome FNG F3 Rewind! Mountie’s college roommate visiting family in WW from Pittsburgh.

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