Cutting Corners


Red Card’s VQ!!!

When: 4/5/2021

Where: The Rising (Community Park, West Windsor)

Conditions: Sunny, 43 degrees

8 PAX (Sponsors): Dos Equis, Aviator, Mulligan, Mountie, Dick Clark, Brisket (Zoom), Black Hole (Zoom) and Red Card (V Q)


  • Arm Circles, IC x 9
  • Circle Arms, IC x 9
  • Motivators, IC x 9

Mosey to Soccer field.

It’s spring time and soccer season is back on schedule for families with kids.

Initial Plan: PAX perform 9 exercises with 9 reps (today’s date 4/5) each to be executed in the 4 corners of the soccer field. But we improvised since the team wanted more. Each PAX member would take the corner in the 2nd half to bring out their best and the team scored. Between corners we did high knees, side slips, butt-kickers, sprints – rinse n repeat.

Thang 1 (4 corners)

  1. Side Squats, IC x 9 (Right/Left)
  2. American Hammer, IC x 9
  3. Merkins, 9
  4. Mountain Climber, IC x 9

Thang 2 (4 corners)

  1. Heel Touch, IC x 9 (Right/Left)
  2. Crossover Crunches, IC x 9
  3. Side Plank, IC x 9 (Right/Left)
  4. Push-up & Rotation, IC x 9 (Right/Left)

Thang 3 (4 corners)

  1. Big Boy Sit-ups, IC x 9
  2. Hillbilly Squats, IC x 9 (by Mulligan)
  3. Burpees, 9 (by Dick Clark)
  4. Bicycle Crunches a.k.a Slow-Mo Freddie Mercury, IC x 9 (by Aviator)

Thang 4 (4 corners)

  1. Shoulder press, 9 (Right/Left) (by Mountie)
  2. Lounge Act, 9 (Right/Left) (by Dos Equis)
  3. Bobby Hurley, 18 (by Dick Clark)
  4. Hip Rotations, IC x 9 (Clockwise/anti-clockwise)


  • Child Pose

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, Announcements.

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