Merkin bonanza!

Back Blast for Saturday, April 24, 2021

PAX (13): DickClark, GoodKnight, Swoosh, HackSaw, Mulligan, DosEquis, Mountie, Brisket, Ribs, RiskyBusiness, Aviator, ShamWow (zoom) and WallE (Q)

Warm up:
Tippy Taps, Spider Man stretch, Mountain climbers, SSHs (44 IC = special for Risky Business’s return from IR)

Location – Colosseum.

As Q I had settled on a merkin heavy exercise rotation, but with ample additional variety.
3 rounds of 3 exercises, each exercise done IC for 10 reps/round. At the end of the round, mosey to cricket hill, bear crawl up and mosey back to the colosseum.

Round 1 (warm up round) = Derkins, IWs, Flutter.

Round 2 = Walkout merkins, Box jumps, Big Boy Situps.

Round 3 = Worst Merkin Ever, American Hammer, Bobby Hurley
(Q skipped 1 round of Worst Merkin: “If you can’t do it, Don’t Q it”)

Round 4 = Crocodile Merkin (aka Bear Crawl Merkin), Freddy Mercury, Bonnie Blair
(Here 1 round of merkins were replaced with Dips)

Round 5 = Dips, Slow squats, LBC
(Replaced one round of Dips with the “missing” round of Crocodile Merkins)
Also shorter mosey up Green Helmet with a Star Jump on top in the interest of time.

Ended with repeat-till-time: Run up Green Helmet – 1 Burpee – Run back down.
We got through 2 rounds of this till time was called.

COT and thanks for this opportunity to get 1% stronger together.


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