CF circuit and mobility

AO: backblasts
Q: RedCoat
PAX: Elliot Gordon, Flatbush (Malik Cobb), Hitchcock (Randy Sherman), Marc Rubenstein (ScarU), Matt Hopkins (Brisket), RedCoat, Ritesh Mitra (Munchies), Subramanian Triprayar (F1), Sunny The Machine Sehgal, Swish (Stephen Vaccaro), Towpath, W. Jason Griffith F3 Risky Business, Backdraft, Snake Plisskin
FNGs: None


Good mornings
Jog in place
High knees
Butt kicks
Tippy taps
Scapular push-ups to pike
Mosey to tennis courts


5 stations circuit for 20 min, work in pairs
1) 25# or 35# plate to overhead
2) burpee with box stepovers
3) 20# or 25# dumbbell push press
4) jump rope
5) duck walk with 10# or 15# plate in turtle hold, return in bear crawl walk

Rotate stations every minute


Tick tack toe between dumbbell and barbell plate teams

Snatch the ball in pairs


Ankle and hips stretch (deep squat with band support) with resistance bands
PVC bars – pass thrus
Around the worlds
Overhead squats
Behind head press outs
Windmills with bar on shoulders
Elbow/shoulder bar stretch

Old man squats
Shoulder wall slides
Open/close gates with thoracic (side to the wall)

Glute smash with tennis ball
Calf smash with tennis ball


Pennington day next weekend.
May is mental health awareness month.
West windsor art walk – need volunteers to lead workout (June 1)
NJ convergence in Bellmar (June 22)


Prayer of thanks and for well-being of the group, their loved ones and families

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