10 For the Hill (aka Risky’s Nightmare)

PAX: Risky Business (Q), Mountie, ScarU, Thunder, Aviator, Brisket

After roughly 8 months since his last Q and subsequent injury/recovery, Risky Business stepped up to the plate to Q this AMs workout. The expectation would be that if Risky was Q’ing, then there would be moseying. What inspired today’s workout, was a reflection back almost 2 years ago, when Risky Business Q’ed his first F3 Princeton Workout and made use of the Green Helmet. It was at that workout on top of the Hill, that Wall-E noted the lunacy of a Risky Business Q

A disclaimer was delivered in a style that can only be described as, Risky Business trying to deliver from a scene in the movie, “A Knight’s Tale”…

All in favor?

Warm Up (and friendly Monday morning F3Hopewell zoom bomb)

20 ssh’s

15 arm circles 

15 circle arms 

15 tippy taps / based on the motion by the Q, ScarU noted that these were more like “Back Breakers”

Mosey to the Coliseum (long way around, via looping around other parking lot)

20 Box Jumps at the Coliseum

The Thang: Something spoke to Risky in his head, as he was driving last week, that became known as, “10 for the Hill”. 

Partner Up: Partner 1, runs to the top of the Green Helmet and back,  while Partner 2 completes exercises, awaiting for Partner to Return; switch roles, rinse and repeat

#1 Merkins

#2 SSH

#3 Derkins 

#4 LBCs

#5 Incline Merkins

#6 Squats 

#7 Burpees 

#8 Imperial Walkers 

#9 Mountie Climbers

#10 Flutters

Upon completing the “10 for the Hill”, the Q was kind enough to have a 10 count for the Pax and asked HIM, ScarU to lead such a well-deserved break. The Q was appreciative of the fact that ScarU replaced the 8 with “hate”. ScarU also stated that, today’s workout could also referred to as, “Risky’s Nightmare”, to which the Pax supported. 

Noting that the Green Helmet played a pivotal role in today’s workout, the Q decided that the Pax needed to pay additional respect by doing Bear Crawls to the top of the Green Helmet, while calling out names of all the bears / bares, that we so love. 

Once reaching the top of Green Helmet, the Q provided a moment to stretch on the hill

Noting the time, the Pax moseyed back to the shuffle flag, long way round, for a total distance of 1.8 miles today. 

Of course, no F3 Princeton workout can’t go without our very own Boat Canoes.


Grateful for the Pax (new and old) and their friendship and encouragement over the past year. Prayed for guidance for each of the Pax present and not, to continue to be better leaders in our communities with our families, friends, work, and to society!

10 for the Hill seemed like a good idea, so I am sure we will see it again!

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