Family F3ud

Who/Where: 6 Pax showed up in person for a Monday Q led by Mountie. ScarU, Mountie (Q), Brisket, Risky Business, Thunder, Photo Finish and Dick Clark we in person on this perfect day to see how we can get better. DC even came straight from a double header attending the 530 F3Hopewell session first, Impressive!

Where: a beautiful May day in the not so gloom.

Warm it up-
Nothing better than getting zoom bombed by F3 Hopewell Valley to start the Q!

F3 Hopewell Valley with the zoom bomb to start the day

Then some Arm circles, circle arms and various stretches and SSHs to the 80s theme song of our theme for the day…..

The Thang

Today’s theme is the good old game show, The Family Feud (with an F3 twist of course). Clearly, we are one family so we took turns guessing the answers, the # is the reps and for every miss, we do a burpee. After some friendly intros, the game begins..

Round 1- We asked 100 Americans, “Name a house you never want to be in..”

Haunted House (27) – MerkinsSmall House (7) – X
Jail/Big House (11) – SquatsGlass House (6) – Wide Merkins
Doghouse (8) – MotivatorsCat House (5) – X
Drug House (7) – XOuthouse (5) – X

We got through a few exercises before the 3rd strike and therefore a mosey to start the next round.

Round 2- We asked 100 Americans, “If you could go to the Land of OZ, what would you ask the Wizard for?”

Money (37) – Carolina Dry DocksPeace on Earth (4) – X
Health (17) – LungesLove (4) – X
A Brain (7) – XHappiness (4) – X
Hot Bod (5) – XMagic Power/To Fly (4) – X

Round 2 was rough (probably a bad category) but we did some burpees and another quick mosey to get ready for Round 3.. hopefully we can get a round about something we know… here we go!

Round 3- We asked 100 Americans, “Name something you find in a Breakfast Buffet.”

Eggs (25) – E2K (ears to knee)Juice (7) – Merkins
Bacon (24) – Squat (and squat jumps)Coffee (6) – Ice skaters
Sausage (19) – Freddy Mercury’sMelon (2) – X
Potatoes/Hash Browns (12) – should pressCereal (2) – X

No Pancakes or Waffles!! The integrity of the board is out the window but we still had a good time. We didn’t get robbed, we got better!!

COT – We closed it out with noting how lucky we are to be heading towards better days. Thankful to be able to lead you guys and we’ll keep showing up!

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